Asteroid Bounty Hunter Review

Are you ready to embark onto an amazing space adventure full of challenge and skill? Asteroid Bounty Hunter puts players into the shoes of John who is a space pilot that needs to save the planets from asteroids, it will be their job to ultimately protect the planets from their utter doom.

Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a 2D space shooter developed by Just1337 Studios where the player assumes the role of John who needs to save the planets from being destroyed by asteroids, you will face tough enemies, challenging situations, and hard boss fights. You can purchase this title on Steam for $8.

The game itself :)


The story is pretty much as you would expect. The title of the game itself is pretty much the summary of the entire game in a nut shell. The player assumes the role of a character named John who is a man with nothing to lose so he and his ship Karma traverse through space and help other planets from being destroyed by the asteroids. Along your journey John will also have to fight other bounty hunters from destroying him.

our hero John


Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a 2D space shooter which practically means you will be able to travel up and down with your spaceship while enemies from the right of the screen will appear with you only being able to maneuver up and down to dodge upcoming attacks. You have up to four abilities that you can use which, if you are familiar with the MOBA genre, plays similarly to that. You have three strong abilities and the fourth ability is an ultimate attack, this is why I say it’s like a MOBA in a way which is great. I really liked this concept and it works out perfectly too, very simplistic! Now, is fighting the asteroids menacing at all? YES, these huge masses of rock can increase in size and will do a mass amount of damage if your ship happens to hit it. Sometimes you will have to deal with multiple rocks at the same time either trying to dodge them or destroy all of them. If you happen to miss some rocks that’s okay there is not a penalty for not destroying some the asteroid is that were missed.  

I HATE those hunters their so hard
The great thing about the game is that their is an upgrade system where the player can improve there abilities as well as the ship. This is great and simple to, it was just a very nice touch to this genre that I have not seen before in past genres. This is VERY crucial because upgrading is key to being able to deal with the later levels. If you are like me and like to play on medium, be prepared to get destroyed because this game is immensely challenging. It seems easy and cute at first but it goes from 0-100% real quick. Micromanaging and knowing when to use each ability at the right times is very crucial to your success in completing the mission because if all abilities are used at once you might as well say goodbye!

upgrade skillsupgrade ship!
The game plays exactly as you would expect it too. In every level besides the boss ones the objective is to ultimately destroy however many asteroids the level tells you too. With each level completed the next level has you destroy even more and menacing asteroids. These huge space rocks got extremely hectic towards the middle of the game because the more you destroy the bigger they get and are harder to destroy. Boss fights are pretty unique in this game as well, they put up quite the fight and it’s fun to see the storyline unfold itself when you beat the boss. They are all different from each other and each fight is different from the last which is superb. There are many encounters in this game that will really make you try hard, boosting the games difficulty up really does it make it insanely hard. I may or may not be good in these games but just the way these boss battles are set up made me feel a lot of anxiety, not in a bad way of course! Each boss has their own ways of destroying you as fast as possible and will throw many attacks without any warning. 

literally there is so much going on its nuts!


The game looks extremely gorgeous. Everything is set in space and just the way the levels are designed are just perfect to what the game wants to portray. Each level has a different design from the last which kept it from getting stale, this was especially a nice touch. They managed to just make it look pretty like space should. With each level the planets and stars you will see. In the background are just a wonder to look at. It was a nice touch that you would not see the same planets all the time.When fighting in the Galaxy with everything appearing onto the screen the game still manages to look great and has a solid 60 fps throughout the entire game which is always appreciative. There were no glitches or anything to report that was game breaking.

these two are the worst duo


My absolute favorite part about this game! The developers have implemented a beautiful soundtrack that works with the game perfectly. If I had to describe the music it would be called dance electronic. It works AMAZINGLY for everything that you are doing during your space havoc. I never knew how well the genre worked so great with this genre that every publisher that decides to make a space game should do this very idea. The game even allows you to switch the song or randomize, it even tells you on the top left corner what’s playing so if you are enjoying what you are listening to you can just type it on YouTube later and enjoy. Imagine yourself traveling through space wondering what your surroundings would sound like, what everything would look like, this games music enraptures the player into feeling like they are somewhere far away and very distant with each unique choice of soundtrack. Want to implement your own music into the game? That is also possible, you can set up your own music to play in the game if you did not like the music that was added in.


Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a solid 2D space shooter with a silly story. Its gameplay is amusing and fresh even if it comes off as very simplistic. The soundtrack and graphics in the game are beautiful to the eyes and ears. This game delivers on challenge as well as being original in its own way, it even manages to try and implement new ideas that I personally have not seen before in this genre like an efficient upgrading system and MOBA like ability use. You will have an absolute blast from beginning to end!

Karma is the best ship around


+MOBA like abilities
+amazing soundtrack
+challenging gameplay
+simplistic upgrading system


-Silly story


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