Angels & Demigods Closed Beta Review (Steam and HTC Vive)

Developers 7 Keys Studios new VR visual novel will be out on Steam and HTC Vive. This futuristic cyberpunk is created by veterans in the industry and is a game that shouldn't be looked over by gamers no matter what kind of genre they normally play.

Angels & Demigods Review (Steam and HTC Vive)


When I first read about Angels & Demigods I just knew I had to review it. I'm not normally a visual novel game fan but since I took my flash game class I have a lot more respect for those type of games and know all game development, no matter what kind of game it is, all take lots of hard work and dedication to make a video game. And I was right this a good game that should be played.

At first, this game would seem like other visual novel games but if you are like me and haven't played them in years, then the concept of a visual novel where you can look around would sound weird. And it was at first since nothing would happen and I didn't know how to progress but when you look around you get more dialog and more story – even if there is really nothing else going on around you and the main story is in front of you. This is a nifty way to implicate and makes the player look around and enjoy the visuals.

Angels & Demigods is both a standalone 3D desktop game on the Steam store and VR app on the HTC Vive. You will be able to download the full version on Steam starting September 28th.


Angels & Demigods is a first person VR visual novel that takes place in the distant future. Here is information according to the official release on the Steam Store;

"Travel with us into the distant future in which man plays god by creating angels to protect him. Immerse yourself in an alien world and discover why you were woken up after a long slumber. Meet friends and foes, discover their objectives and most importantly try to stay alive. Angels & Demigods is an atmospheric sci-fi visual novel being brought to you in VR. It is a story and dialogue centered visual novel game in which you create your own adventure by carefully choosing what you say and do. 

7 Keys Studios is led by veterans in their respective industry – Stan Kuhn & Milan Kazarka. Stan is the mind behind many AR & VR apps and Milan is the creator of the cyberpunk visual novel series Invisible Apartment. They have a long history of creating inspiring products for a myriad of platforms."

Angels & Demigods Review (Steam and HTC Vive)

Play as an angel who has woken up with the sole purpose of returning, Ashley, the other angel who awoke and broke free from the lab back before she causes any more destruction. However, the sad fate of angels is that they only live to carry out missions once they are awake and die once the mission is complete. How you play decides on the path you choose to make for yourself. Who is your ally? Who is the real enemy? You will have to find out as you try and stay alive.


In this indie from 7 Keys Studios, you awaken as an angel, you have to bring back another angel who woke up early and ran off. This game gives you choices to pick from and most of the time it gives you a different ending. I can name all of them that I found but not going to spoil the game but I can say there is one game over ending and you can have a good ending as well.

I do admit my first attempt at the indie I wasn't trying to get a good or bad ending, I was choosing what I thought would be the best answer – but I guess I didn't choose right since I managed to get a game over. However, my second attempt I went with the lover, not a fighter, approach and managed to get one of the good endings.

You can check out the official teaser of Angels & Demigods down below:


The controls to this indie is simple and easy. If you are using a computer just click the left button on your mouse to progress, while holding down the right button and using the mouse you can look around in the game. Or if you are using a VR head gear, again simply click to progress while you can look around in the game.

Now I only have a Samsung Oculus VR gear and don't have an HTC Vive VR headset to use with the game. So I am assuming that the controls are similar to the other VR games I have played.

Angels & Demigods Review (Steam and HTC Vive)

music and visuals

What helps define a game is its soundtrack. Some may disagree but without a good soundtrack a game looses something. I enjoyed the music to the game so much that I always had it on and the game running in the background of my laptop even if I wasn't even playing it. When you don't hear, what's in my opinion, is  the good voice acting, you get to hear the soothing background music – even though it's mostly looped, it's still pleasant and fits the mood of the game.

The visuals are stunning and everything is beautifully done from the characters to the backgrounds. You can tell time was surely put into this and every detail is perfect. As the story progresses, I couldn't find fault with any of the scenes. Maybe because it reminded me of the animation class I took and that time is the key focus working on a game, especially when it comes to its visuals.


Even if you don't play or like visual novel games this should be one on your list to play just to try out. When you have an interesting story and simple controls, they are the tools that make a good game that always should be picked up for fun and or just to play something to waste your time for a bit. I for one can't wait to see and play more of Angels & Demigods when it gets released, to play the full game and find all of the endings. This is surely worth a pick up a play, though.

+ Interesting Story– More could have been done with the soundtrack music-wise instead of the same sounds being looped
+ Simple Control Scheme
+ hours of fun if you trying to find every possible ending
+ Amazing graphics


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