Dead By Daylight Patch 6.2.0: New Features and Content

On August 30th, the newest Dead by Daylight patch was released with its next chapter - Resident Evil: Project W. The newest collaboration features a new killer, two new survivors, reworked maps, a slew of bug fixes to improve the quality of gameplay.

Dead By Daylight Patch 6.2.0: New Features and Content Cover

Earlier this month, Dead By Daylight gave players a quick look into its newest installmentResident Evil: Project W. The newest Dead by Daylight Patch 6.2.0 released in tandem with Chapter 25, making it their second Resident Evil collab. It features a new killer, two new survivors, a reworked map, and tons of other touch-ups to boost gameplay quality. 

New Characters

One of the most exciting parts of new chapter releases in Dead By Daylight is the inclusion of new characters who each bring new, unique abilities to the gameplay. The new chapter features a new killer and two new survivors–each with three new abilities. 

Dead By Daylight Patch 6.2.0: New Features and Content

New killer, The Mastermind

New Killer: The MasterMind

The new killer is Albert Wesker–otherwise known in-game as The Mastermind. He comes with the following abilities: 

  • Superior Anatomy: When a survivor vaults within 8 meters of you, this perk activates and the next time you vault, your speed will increase. It will deactivate after vaulting a window and it has a 30 second cool down. 
  • Awakened Awareness: When you’re carrying survivor, you will be able to see the aura of other survivors within 16/18/20 meters of your character. 
  • Terminus: When exit gates are powered, but not open, survivors will be inflicted with the broken status effect until the gates are open. Once the gates are open, they will remain inflicted for an additional 20/25/30 seconds. 
Dead By Daylight Patch 6.2.0: New Features and Content

New survivor, Ada Wong

New Survivor: Ada Wong

Ada Wong is the enigmatic super-spy known for her appearances in Resident Evil: 2 and Resident Evil: 4. She comes with the following abilities: 

  • Wiretrap: After repairing a generator to 33% or higher, activating this ability wiretraps the generator. This reveals the aura of the generator in yellow to survivors. If the killer comes within 14 meters of the trap, their aura is also revealed to players. The perk deactivates after 60/70/80 seconds or if the generator is damaged. 
  • Reactive Healing: If another survivor loses a health state within 32 meters of you, it increases your healing progression by 40%/45%/50% of the missing healing progression. 
  • Low Profile: When you’re the last one standing, this perk will hide your scratch marks, pools of blood, and grunts of pain for 70/80/90 seconds.
Dead By Daylight Patch 6.2.0: New Features and Content

New survivor, Rebecca Chambers

New Survivor: Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers is an experienced field medic. Keeping her comrades “alive and inspired”, she comes with the following abilities: 

  • Better Than New: After completing healing on a fellow survivor, they will get a 12%/14%/16% speed boost to healing, opening chests, and cleansing and blessing Totems. Other survivors keep this perk until they lose a health state. 
  • Reassurance: When you’re within a 6 meter radius of a hooked player, activating this ability will pause their struggle progression by 20/25/30 seconds. This ability can only be triggered once per survivor per hook. 
  • Hyperfocus: If you hit a great Skill Check while repairing or healing, this perk will activate. You will gain 1 token and have the possibility to gain up to 6. Each token increases the chance of Skill Check trigger and Skill Check cursor speed by by 4%. It also increased the bonus progression for great Skill Checks by 10%/20%/30% of its base value. You lose all tokens if you complete a normal skill check, fail a Skill Check, or terminate the action all together. 

New Stream Features

Along with new characters and new abilities, the Dead By Daylight patch also includes the addition of new streaming features. These features are centered around privacy and UI updates concerning connectivity. 

Patch: New Privacy Features

The patch includes many new privacy features to help protect players’ anonymity as well as to prevent harassment. You will have the option to hide your name and/or hide the names of other players both in game and on your own screen. Their names will instead be replaced with their in-game characters’ names.  Your account name will still be visible to your own group. Lastly, there will also be an option for matchmaking delay to prevent any targeted harassment in game. 

Patch: New HUD Indicators

The Dead by Daylight patch also adds new HUD indicators were added to give more clear information around player’s internet connectivity. Ping is represented by a vertical bar and packet loss is represented by a double-diamond icon. You can view your own ping and packet loss above the Survivors List. Additionally, players will be notified if if anyone is having severe connectivity issues. For issues with killers, an icon will appear about the Survivors List. Survivors will see the icon next to the player having the connection problem. 

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil: PROJECT W | Spotlight Trailer

New Content

The patch also features some new context and updates to preexisting features. 

Patch: Updated Maps

The Raccoon City Police Station map, which released with the first Resident Evil installment, has been updated. The map is now split in two–Raccoon City Police Station East Wing & Raccoon City Police Station West Wing. Reportedly, fan feed back on the first map lead the developers to rethink the map and give it a quality of life update for Chapter 25. 

Each map will contain different rooms and will be easier to navigate than before. The maps have been reduced in size and new entrances have been added. The corridors have also been widened and the infamous second floor has been removed. 

Patch: Updated Gameplay Features

The duration of Endurance & Haste effects after a Survivor is unhooked has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds and the strength of the Haste effect has increased from 7% to 10% after a player is unhooked. Last, the cost of Bloodweb nodes decreased by 33%. 

For a full list of bug fixes included in the patch, please visit the 6.2.0 Patch Update page.

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil: Project is now available to play on all platforms.


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