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Wargaming comes up with yet another action simulation game. This time let’s prepare for thrilling naval warfare on the open see. World of Warships went from closed to open beta few months ago. Did Wargaming managed to follow up in the steps of successful predecessor Worlds of Tanks?

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It’s really hard task to combine naval warfare to some kind of playable form. The main reason is that real sea battles could take several days to play out. Wargaming decided to abandon reality and made War of Warships more into arcade fashion. It means that ships are faster and maps are smaller then their real counterparts. Even through this effort, War of Warships could be seen as a slow paced.

What’s new?

Wargaming preserved game menu from their previous games with some new additions. One of the new extensions is leveling of the game account. For each new level you get various rewards.  
Developers got most likely influenced by competition, because another new concept are daily quests. After successfully clearing them, you obtain game currency called silvers. These coins are used for buying new ships and upgrades. Additionally, there are Signal Flags which after installation provide all kinds of bonuses for your vessel. To obtain these flags you need to complete various achievements.

Hoist the sails!

There are two nations that you can choose from and that is Japanese or American fleet. The ships are divided into several types and further split by tiers. There are destroyers, cruisers, battleships and carriers. Every type of the ship has its pros and cons. Destroyers are fast, but their armor is pretty weak. On the other hand, battleships are know for their powerful long range artillery. Carriers are great for bombing enemy ships and at the same time defending allied fleet by using its planes. Cruisers are balanced class that can accomplish several roles at the same time. Wargaming is definitely going to add another nations in the future. One of them could be Russian, German or British fleet.

How to steer this thing?

Controls are very easy, you use WASD to control direction and speed of your ship. Autopilot is part of the system and you can activate it at any time. Its function is really helpful when you aim at the enemy target and don‘t have time to operate your ship. For sudden turn of the hull you can use Q and E. These keys can save you from torpedoes, that are sent against you. To control gun side we use wheel of the mouse. For instance, to successfully hit enemy ship, we need to guess speed and distance of the target. For it to not be so hard, there is Shift key. By pressing it, you will see information about distance of the enemy ship.

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Let’s battle!

War of Warships offers three battle mods. There is Standard Battle, Encounter Battle and Domination. At Standard Battle main goal is to destroy all enemy ships or capture the opponent base. Encounter Battle has just one base that is located at the middle of the map. Mission is the same, destroy the enemy or capture the base. Domination is all about points. It means that the first team to get 1000 points wins.

By playing and fulfilling quests, you gain game currency and ship experience. Advancement in World of Warships is very slow. Therefore to get your favorite ships could take really long time. Of course as in previous games from Wargaming, you can buy for real money game currency, called Doubloons. Thanks to them you can unlock various ships and upgrades for them.

How does it look and sound?

Whole design of War of Warships is really nice. Sea waves, surroundings and models of the ships looks realistic. That all highlights the fact that ships are modeled after their real counterparts. Personally we didn’t met with any graphical problems. However, several users have issues with frame rate on some maps.

Music component of War of Warships is well done. Sounds of the weapons and background are great. Also let’s not forget about great soundtrack that sounds through the whole game.Image title

Even the greatest captain makes mistakes

Matchmaking is optimized according to tier of ships and for the shortest time in queue. That creates situation where you play against less or more experienced players. To avoid this you can invite some friends and play together, but its doesn‘t really deal with this problem. Another negative is occasional disappearance of torpedoes or their going through the islands. We hope that Wargaming is going to deal with this in the future. Finally, there is slower pace of the game. It means that for the most period of the time you are going to sail or reload your ammunition. Then again, when you finally get to the battle this slow pace creates thrill, that causes you to return to this game.

Check the gameplay from BaronVonGamez:

Ending thoughts

It seems that Wargaming improved from their previous game called World of Warplanes. Graphics, gameplay and music are spot on. If you overlook slow pace and not that well made matchmaking, then World of Warships is the game just for you.

Author: Jiří Adam

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