Experience this real-time strategy game like no other, play as a team of Vikings in which you have to gain new equipment for them, use abilities when necessary and stay alive to see it through to the end of the mission.


WARTILE is a real-time strategy game that requires the player to strategize and use each of their moves accordingly. Failure to do so will result in failing the mission and having to have to start over again either at the checkpoint or the beginning.

If you like board game styled tile games then this is definitely up your alley and if you’re a big strategy fan.

You can purchase this on Steam for $19.99, however, this game is still in early access which means it’s not completely finished yet.

Check our video preview of WARTILE below:


WARTILE unfortunately doesn’t have a story to follow or that it’s not very clear from the get-go. You are just kind of just thrown into the game without any backstory or lore. I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing the things that I’m doing but I think since the game is in early access that when it actually comes out that there will be a concrete storyline to follow. 


Since WARTILE is a real-time strategy game you will be doing a couple things to ensure your success in completing a mission. You will have to position your team in a specific way so that the enemy doesn’t get the advantage on you, use abilities in dire needs, collect loot and improve your characters via the customization in the hub world before you set out on another mission.

Let’s start by talking about the positioning in the game because there is a specific way you will want to do this to ensure your survival. For example, you will recruit a spearman in the beginning of the game that can hurt enemies at range. The best strategy for this would be to use your shield and sword Viking in the front while your spearman is behind you to do double the damage. This is one of the few strategies in WARTILE that you should use to get an advantage on your enemies. Positioning is everything in WARTILE so feel free to experiment with how you want the roles of your characters to be.
 WARTILE Preview - Positioning is important for tactical advantage
Abilities play another huge role in WARTILE because each character on your team has an ability that is unique to their class. For example, the warrior with the shield has an ability called “Shield Bash” which can do a “mini stun for 3 seconds and 5 damage.” These abilities are VITAL in WARTILE because they help a lot in huge battles and can really turn the tide of war onto your enemies, forcing them to coward away or lose immediately. It just gives you an advantage on the battlefield which makes you feel a lot more powerful. Each character has an awesome ability to use and you can earn more by progressing through the campaign. Once you use it, however, you will have to wait for a period of time until it comes back but it’s not too long before that happens.

On the bottom, you will notice two symbols which is a treasure chest and what seems to look like a Viking symbol. The treasure chest is for money that you can collect through treasure chests during the missions and the Viking symbol is used for healing your team. Whenever you kill an enemy you gain one point towards your Viking points, to use a healing card you have to use five of those Viking points. You have to use these healing cards sparingly because you might just run out of Viking points to be able to heal your team and then you're definitely in a tough position. Don’t worry, there are checkpoints on the map that you can go to that will heal your health immediately and that you will spawn there if you fail your mission.  

WARTILE Preview - Use abilities in dire situations to ensure your survival
Collecting loot is another important factor that you need to consider when playing WARTILE. Each map will have a couple of treasure chests which will contain either gold or armor/weapons. If you want to beef up your team you will have to search all over the map to find these chests like I said you don’t have to do it but I highly suggest you do so. It is important to look at all areas of the map to make sure you don't miss out on any of them.

You can get some awesome loot to make your team to not only look cooler, but they will also be stronger. Gold is also important to collect too so that you can buy new people to enter your team to make missions more dynamic and a lot more fun with more units to control. So unless you want to be stuck on a team of two I highly suggest you collect as much gold as you can. I think it would have been nicer if sometimes we would be able to receive gold and weapons/armor instead of just one or the other. Another cool idea would be rare treasure chests that include rare equipment that is randomized one each new mission that you do, just a thought but in the state that it's in now is perfect with no flaws.

WARTILE Preview - Collect loot to gain gold + armor/weapons
Last but not least I want to talk about the customization in the game because this is essential into making your characters as strong as possible. In the hub world, you can customize each character in each way to which you see fit. You can change their armor/weapons, increase their defense, attack, etc. with these tokens that you earn in completing missions and you can swap out their ability cards if you wish to try out different strategies on the battlefield.

The customization took me a while to figure out as there wasn’t really any tutorial to help you understand how everything works, but after a little while, you understand it because it’s not that complicated honestly. I highly enjoyed the customization because my Vikings looked really cool towards the end and I can’t wait until the game is actually finished to make them look even cooler.

WARTILE Preview - Customize your characters to make them stronger


On top of an awesome campaign WARTILE also has a multiplayer component as well. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on this because I tried searching twice to find an opponent but no one was playing. When the game actually releases I bet I will be able to find players then but I think it’s a neat idea that they included multiplayer to this game. I think that they should also include a cooperative campaign to this game too, it would just make it all the more awesome to play.

WARTILE Preview - Unfortunately no players playing right now


I was highly impressed by the way they handle the graphics in this game because there is just so much variety and it actually looks very detailed. The graphics practically compliment the game even more because it creates a very distinct terrain to fight on. I enjoyed the snow level in particular because who doesn’t like fighting in snow? The colors looked very vibrant and colorful, it was just good eye candy. Each new level you encounter had a different theme too so you won’t be looking at the same thing over and over again. 
I didn’t have any technical problems with this game either, everything ran beautifully at a stable framerate which for an early access title is really good. The game looks beautiful, I’m glad they took this route to make it so that the graphics make the game more immersive. More games need to take note on this because it really enhances the experience even more.

WARTILE Preview - Beautiful terrain


WARTILE made me actually feels like I was in a war. Hearing the weapons clash against shields or the slashing of weapons hurting someone really felt impactful. The Vikings sometimes do a hurrah of sorts after defeating the enemies which are hilarious and really cool. An epic soundtrack that is more memorable would be nice in the finished product of this game, it doesn’t have to overshadow the mission but something in the background is always nice. It's nice to know that a game about Vikings actually makes you feel like you are one.


WARTILE is an exhilarating game from start to finish and while it is still an early access game I can guarantee that you will be wanting more. This game has an immense amount of potential because of it’s fun strategy, fun characters to use, awesome loot and multiplayer potential. I really enjoyed using the abilities of my teammates and taking down my enemies like a true Viking would. While I couldn’t try out the multiplayer for myself, I think it would be awesome if they implemented a multiplayer campaign on top of player vs player mode to add more fun to this game. Other than that everything about this game is just wonderful and if you’re a fan of real time strategy games then you shouldn’t miss this one.

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