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Vainglory – mobile MOBA review

Vainglory - mobile MOBA review.

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Dean Takahashi from GamesBeat wrote nice review of the game. Vainglory is a first MOBA game made directly for mobile devices. Is it even possible to play this kind of game on a small screen with fingers??? It seems that it is.

The game looks pretty and with clean user interface and easy to play. There are also 10 playable characters and nice variety of upgrades.

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Of course there are several downsides but the Dean's summary says:

I’m pleasantly surprised to see such a high-quality game on mobile devices. It is proof that progress is happening in mobile gaming, even though the top rankings of the biggest revenue generators have been pretty static. Super Evil Mega Corp. is benefiting from Apple’s advertising, and I have to believe it is winning over a lot of fans now. If it can keep that momentum going over time, it will have a very valuable game on its hands. I’m glad the company made such a big bet, and I hope it pays off. I’m just happy that the game has given me something more fun to do on my iPad than surfing the Web.


Click on the link below to read whole review.

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