First Impressions: The Origins Update Takes No Man’s Sky to New Heights

Thinking about jumping on No Man's Sky after the new Origins update? Check out these first impressions from a veteran player! From new planet types to new lifeforms, Hello Games has gone with the kitchen sink approach on the latest iteration of their infamous space sim.

First Impressions: The Origins Update Takes No Man's Sky To New Heights Cover

The infamous No Man’s Sky has received its 12th update since launch. The 3.0 version of Hello Games’ space sim is also the fourth major update since November last year. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that if you’re still on the fence about taking the dive into the endless universe of No Man’s Sky, it might just be time to take the leap. A lot has been added to the game; some of this stuff might take seasoned travellers by surprise. Here’s a rundown of the most important and noticeable changes in the Origins update.

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New Planets

Volcanoes can now be found on certain planets

Volcanoes can now be found on certain planets

There was a fair amount of variety with regards to planets before the update. They’ve added even more planets, and have changed the way they are generated, giving you much more variety than before in terms of landscape and flora.

I can think of at least 5 new planet types, most of them are kind of nuanced in that they seem to be something of a shade-grey between living and dead planets. There are also a few new glitch planet types, and these are always fun to explore.

You can now find buildings on these glitch planets, which make them a little more interesting to explore.

New Lifeforms 

Robotic lifeforms - aren't they cute?

Robotic lifeforms – aren’t they cute?

You can now find insects and robotic lifeforms roaming the planets. On top of that, the way creatures are generated has also changed, giving you far more variety than ever before.

I’ve seen players finding things like giant beetles, land squids and mole rats. I wonder what else is out there? 

New Weather

I should probably move my ship

I should probably move my ship

Don’t get caught in a firestorm! Or a tornado. Also, watch out for lightning bolts and stray meteors.

No Man’s Sky just got a lot more dangerous in terms of weather.

New Horizons

Binary and ternary stars are one of many cosmetic enhancements

Binary and ternary stars are one of many cosmetic enhancements

Portal interference is removed, which won’t mean much to new players. You can now explore the universe more freely than ever before.

Before, if you used a portal to travel to another player’s system, portal interference would prevent you from leaving the system or building a base. This was annoying, so I’m glad they have lifted this restriction. 

This incidentally makes intergalactic travel much easier as well.

New Heights

It's a long way down from here!

It’s a long way down from here!

Before the update, mountains seemed pretty high already. They’re even higher now – I jetpacked off a cliff and the staggering height from which I was falling made my stomach turn. This is very good, a huge improvement in my books. 10/10, would jetpack off a cliff again.

Higher mountains also presumably means deeper oceans. I have yet to explore an ocean world after the update, so I cannot confirm but I have often heard of players complaining that oceans didn’t really feel like oceans. Hopefully, this has now been remedied.

Hello Games Giveth, Hello Games Taketh Away

There is more depth to No Man's Sky than ever before - but this is not without sacrifice

There is more depth to No Man’s Sky than ever before – but this is not without sacrifice

With an update of this magnitude, there are bound to be some less-than-great repercussions. The biggest complaint I have seen so far is that with the changes to planets, some people’s bases have been ruined.

What were once paradise worlds, in some cases, have become completely different types of planets. Even the capital world for the Galactic Hub Project (probably the biggest and most influential player civilization) has changed from a paradise world with the iconic diplo type creatures roaming about, into something completely different. Their diplos are now extinct.

With all these exciting new things, No Man’s Sky is a much richer experience. The overall flow of the game has not changed significantly, which I like. No Man’s Sky has been my go-to escape and explore game for the past couple of years. At the rate they are adding content, it will probably remain so for years to come.

No Man's Sky Origins Launch Trailer

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