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Survarium – beta impressions

Survarium - beta impressions. Stalker successor's playing experience are quite positive.

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Eurogamer published today its preview of another MMOFPS game made by Vostok Games studio consisting of people who created Stalker 2. 

And as it is written the game is just in beta but offers a lot of fun even now. You are playing again in the post apocalyptic world and try to survive. But now it's more of PvP fights than PvE. There are several maps where you can try your luck and skills against other players. Right now just Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag matches are available.

The game has even RPG elements and you will be able to craft new items, work for factions, increase your stats and put points into skill trees. It's not fast and you must earn skill points by victories. By this way you will get the possibility to create traps or learn other survival techniques.

You can also choose your faction for which you will work and do dirty jobs. As a reward you will get new weapons, armours and more. But every faction differs which weapons or armours use so choose your favourite fighting style carefully. 

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There are doubts about the balancing. For example the shotgun is used more than other weapons at this moment and there are difference also in crafting and upgrading when you can pay for 100% chance versus just 50%. Which can really bury the game. 

But it's still a beta and if you want to learn more visit the Eurogamer site or watch the video below where the player dies A LOT :-).

Survarium - Open Beta Gameplay - II: A Bridge Too Far

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