Preview: Ahnayro gets your brain working at night

Let's see what developers Alice & Smith have us brainstorming on at night with this alpha.

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I didn't know what to expect coming into this. But man I wish I did. This is a puzzle type game. You navigate through game, clicking on points of interest and hearing dialogue, which is suppose to help you figure out the game. But if I would have known that this required research or some understanding of these words and paintings, I maybe wouldn't have gotten so angry. So I actually quit and saw a walk through. 

It's cool what they went for. You solving a puzzle that suppose to be in a dream at night, literally. The only way to play this game is at night, which is a neat feature. Sure you can get around it, but what they went for a least for me is the atmosphere and feeling like you're in a dream. The navigation is great, the background music is fantastic, and I like the sense that you're right where the constellation are in the sky. There was instances where treading between the pictures were unresponsive but really didn't detract from the experience.

Like I said, I get what they were trying to go for, but I felt like they could have given more hints to help the player. I know now that they want you to search the web and collaborate with others on the web to solve this puzzle, but I never really liked depending on outside sources for my game play experiences. At least that's what I think. Besides that, it's really does get you in the mood and If you are into narrative puzzle games or puzzle games in general you should check it out. But make sure you're ready to do your research, because you are definitely going to need it (unless you know your mythology).

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