Pillars of Eternity – beta experience

Pillars of Eternity - how does beta feel? Should all fans of D&D praise for quick release?

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Eurogamer offers us view to the current beta state of the game. And it seems worthy. This type of games are not common these days however there are some exceptions such as Pillars of Eternity or Divine Divinty. And PoE takes the best of our loved games and gems from the old days.

You start by creating race, choose from 11 races and choose your skills because you are boosted to the level 5. Only a small part of the world is accessible and the weakest point is unfortunately the combat. Because it is hard to understand the skills, what is happening around you and the difficulty jumps from impossible to the piece of cake.

Also the beta offers no exp for killing but only for completing quests.

Still the game looks very promising and D&D fans should be content if the content, combat and other stuff will be made in time for release.

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