Party Hard 2 – New Alpha patch review

All you wanted was your Christmas bonus at work. Since it was denied, the logical next step is to go on a murderous rampage. Get your knife and instincts sharp for the killing. Don't let yourself get caught and do as much damage as you can¡

Party Hard 2 - New Alpha patch review
Party Hard 2 brings a new update to the Alfa, called Alpha 3, with a completely new map and features. Although it is not excused of a few bugs here and there. You can get the Alpha version of the game on its website for U.S $19.99

If you want, you can read the Review we did for the original Party Hard.

Alpha 3

In this newest version, one of the features is a pointer that shows you where the cops are, so you can try to predict their direction and move someplace they won't catch you. This means that is easier to hide from the cops but it's still demanding to survive once they have seen you, which is great because that means that the game doesn't become extremely easy.

Party Hard 2 - New Alpha patch review. Cop Pointers.
While on the subject of cops, I noticed that if you run away from the cops by using one of the "portals" (in Hospital these portals are a set of doors that move you from one side to the other, not too far from each other, and two sewage man-hole that transport you to the other side of the map, farther apart from one another), they will block it. They'll either nail down the door or simply put the cover of the manhole in place, rendering the portals useless.

That means that you can only escape de cops so many times before they eventually catch you. Better sharp those stealth skills.  

If anything, this level is even more demanding than the previous 2. Hospital is the biggest level yet, so you have to search for your target during a longer period of time.

Party Hard 2 - New Alpha patch review. Interactive environment
Hospital is also more challenging in difficulty, because it has more bouncers than the previous level, and it adds a new dimension of difficulty the fact that when you start the game at this level, there's already one witness of the previous slaughter, being treated in the hospital. So one of the objectives is, of course, to kill this witness. Won't be easy though, because he is guarded by bouncers, and if you walk past him he will alert the guards and the cops.

This level will definitely test you stealth abilities or your patience. If your skill is not good enough, your patience will run out. But you can always choose to kill everybody in the party, which will take a considerable amount of time, given that the guest list goes up to 129 in this level. But you can always choose to hide in the bathroom and kill them with their pants down. I know I did. 


The update didn´t seem to change anything on the controllers, that will remain the same as stated on the previous article we've done, which you can find here

Party Hard 2 will let you chose if you want to play with a controller or the keyboard. I tried both set ups and the game is playable in any one of those, provided you have played games using the keyboard before. The controls will be displayed (both for the controller and the keyboard) on the pause menu during the game. My Xbox controller was detected but my other USB controller of a generic brand wasn't detected right away, which is the norm playing games on PC, anyway.
If you intend to play with a Keyboard, the controllers are:
W,A,S,D for movement
Q for dancing/blending
E for using the weapon/item,
R for using the special kill move (area damage/instant kill)
F for picking up objects/bodies
Space Bar for interacting with objects
TAB for Party Vision


I noticed that when the bouncers knock you out and carry you away, your body will sometimes stay on the same spot even though the bouncer is supposedly carrying you. This is an aesthetic bug and doesn't actually hurt the game, but it is worth mentioning.

Another slight annoyance is the large trash bins on the back of the hospital, in the alley. Their purpose is for you to use them to hide bodies, but if you are sprinting and crash into them, then they will fly away as if made of paper. In one occasion one of the bins ended on the staircase I needed to move a different area, so I was effectively stuck and was caught by the cops.

Lastly, while not a bug per se, I think the game needs an "exit" button when you lose. Right nowif you lose and want to quit the game or try another level, you have to wait until the same level loads again and then go into the pause manu and select exit. 

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