Of Guards and Thieves Preview

Truly one of the most fun and innovative shooters and top down experiences I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Do you remember yourself as a kid playing hide-and-seek? Well, you can do it again and with weapons this time :-).

Of Guards and Thieves is a multiplayer stealth game in which high-powered guards face off against fast and elusive thieves in a contest of wits. Outsmarting the enemy and shooting your way through to the goal are equally valid strategies. A game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and high replay ability. You can buy it on Steam for $14.99.


The Game is something spectacular, it could not be better. If Tom Clancy and the Monaco devs had a love child its name would be Of Guards and Thieves. Tight corners, Dark spaces, top down view, and good weapon balance, that is all I need to say but then this preview would make for short reading, but it is truly something. I felt like a SWAT operative, peaking round corners, storming a room with allies and clearing it out killing all enemies. It brought a sense of nostalgia, it felt like I was a child again playing police with my friends. The closest comparison would be to think of the original Metal Gear Solid and port it into a multi player game. I do not know how Hideo did not get on this idea quickly, Konami would have sold triple the copies.


Of Guards and Thieves comes in many game modes. There is the original and most enjoyable game mode (IMO), guards and thieves where the thieves attempt to steal documents from the guards. It’s somewhat comparable to what Splinter Cell Double Agent had as it’s multiplayer minus the 3D aspect. Team deathmatch is also featured (pretty self explanatory). Bomb Defusal where terrorists must place a bomb in one of two spots. Zombie rush which emulates zombies versus survivors. VIP extraction mode where guards have to protect the VIP while he rushes towards an extraction point. IG mode where you have to get a set amount of kills (usually 40) to win the game. Capture the flag mode (which is also self explanatory).

There are also “fun” features to the game such as a soccer mode, Mad Ball where like TDM there is a set limit but explosive like balloons are on the map, and a slender mode (slenderman game?) where players only have torches and have to search for the slenders. I have yet to play soccer as it’s been difficult trying to get a game going but for the most part (and especially with a good tactical/thoughtful/mindful team), GaT (guards and thieves) mode is the best. Controls are quite simple where the mouse will direct your player, can fire your weapon and turn on your light with the right mouse button. Different classes are capable of having different weaponry and moving and different speeds. You cannot equip a gun and throw a grenade at the same time though, either one or the other has to be done. Thieves have night vision and can see in the dark while guards can’t. They can also enter or walk through certain parts of the map (like vents) to gain better access to rooms. One of the greatest feature in game is the ability to turn lights on and off. Having them on can deter thieves while having them off invites them. Adding features that enable one to bend the environment are extremely limited at the moment. You can move a car (by driving it) and you can turn the lights on/off for cover or exposure of enemies.

Current State

The current state of the game is quite amazing for one that is in early access. Virtually no bugs at all, a small but keen army of dedicated players around 10 thousand or so. Single player on the way, and from what I have heard and seen of the single player it looks fun. And Tournament mode, which is something I would not expect but I can actually see working for this title. E-sports might make this game a whole lot more exciting, It could be the next LoL or DOTA.


Overall this has to be one of the most innovative, exciting, and well rounded games I have ever played, It boasts a dedicated player base, a unique idea, wonderful devs who are going to be supporting it for a while, and most of all it is just fun, its one of those games were when you don’t know what to play, you play this. That perfectly describes this game, and thats the reason you should play it.

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