Life is Feudal – preview of Your Own version

Life is Feudal - preview of Your Own version.

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There are many players who are right now struggling in this new hardcore sandbox fantasy game. How do they feel? What is their opinio? Here is one of the most recommended preview which can tell a lot about the gameplay.

The game is a really hardcore. Because even after 7 hours of cooperating with 6-7 other players he managed to just build a small shack and obtain little iron to possibly create tools.

There are few aspects of the game which he also rated:

1. Combat – not yet very good, you will miss a lot and the mechanics are not bad but far from good. 6/10

2. Crafting – one of the best aspect of the game. It is rich, complex and a lot to do even in the alpha state. 7/10

3. UI – still in the early stage and nothing to talk about. You must get used to it but it is usable. 6/10

4. Skills and mechanics – skills are very much a work in progress but even now it is enjoyable, complex and with great potential. 8/10

If you want to support the developers then $40 is fine. But if you want to play and have fun without bugs then you should wait for beta or lower price. But still the game is worth of following if not buying.

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