HEX – PvE Frost arena finally here (preview)

HEX - PvE Frost arena finally here. What's inside? Should you install and play this game?

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Many fans of card games are waiting for PvE content in this quite new TCG MMORPG. And Frost Ring Arena is the first step to this milestone. You cannot play the campaign yet and the PvE game style is released maybe one and a half year later than promised but still it's good to have it. And all of you can try to fight versus bosses and win some great equipment and cards. 

Yes, you read right, equipment. Because you choose your hero who takes care of your deck and provides you with different abilities and he or she can be equipped like in any other MMORPG. And it could be done also with common or even legendary items. See the picture posted below where the card Scarcliff Chimera is equipped with several items.

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And here you can see in the lower right corner your hero with free slots for armours, weapons etc. This creates another level of building up your deck and make synergy with your cards, gems and equipment.

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Of course there are more possibilities to explore and even to exploit to win over all NPCs. Because PvE cards stay in the PvE mode and cannot be used for PvP matches which must stay well balanced.

If it sounds interesting and you desire more information then visit these two official pages where you can read more. Patch overview or Equipment guide

How the Arena looks like? There are several Tiers which you must finish to win golds or equipment with cards. If you take a look at the picture posted below you can see at the top of the image four tiers to go through. When you loose for the third time you are done. And take what you have won so far. You can try to start with the default deck and if you are lucky you can get without loosing up to the final T1 boss. But from my first experience he uses so good cards enchanted with gems that you will have to start again and build better deck. Finishing all four tiers will not be for few hours of playing. You must build really good deck to be able to get to the end. And that will take you many days. Of course players with tuned decks for PvP have no problems but beginners will be struggling. The gameplay and patch in general is solid but players are complaining about lags. The game takes sometimes a long time to finish each round. But you can just relog even during the match and you will join at the same moment without any troubles and the lags will be gone.

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Personally I have been waiting and playing the game a little bit just after the success at Kickstarter but being competitive in PvP is expensive. A LOT EXPENSIVE! Therefore I am waiting for PvE where the mechanics will be the same but with more fun raiding dungeons with your guild and enjoying true MMORPG with cards. Which seems still a little bit weird but as it is possible to see in these days that the PvE mechanics are working and are enjoyable I am not worried about the future. Of course the full campaign and all the promised features will take many months of work and I don't think that it will be released sooner than in winter but if you want to try a TCG game with more than 600 cards and many possibilities how to build your deck, now is a good time to install HEX and check it out. You will have fun and maybe even will invest money for PvP. But beware! Like Magic: The Gathering it's all about your budget in the first place…

Frost Ring Teaser Trailer

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