FIFA 16 – “Play beautiful”

What can we expect from new FIFA 16? What are the differences from previous version?

Image title“Play beautiful” – this the first phrase of the greatest football player Pele on E3 2015. He was so praise a new undying part of FIFA that you want to go and buy this new football simulator.

But let’s see how much FIFA deserves this new slogan “Play beautiful”. Will the new FIFA outdo all previous parts?

So, let’s begin:

  • Demo version of the game will be released on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game will be available for free download from 9-10 September 2015. From that moment we will be able to play for two women’s teams, to try the regime Ultimate Team, namely FUT Draft Mode (Demo) and we will be able to play for 10 clubs. So, from this moment we will realize how “beautiful” we can play in the new FIFA.

  • Official System Requirements of FIFA 16 on PC:

Minimum requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows V / 7/8 / 8.1 Processor: Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2,4 GHz (or AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core, AMD Athlon II X4 620 or equivalent) RAM: 4 GB Hard disk space: 15 GB Supported video cards (at least): ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650 DirectX: 11.0 Game for several players on the same system: 2-4 players + 1 on PC keyboard input devices: keyboard, mouse, dual analog gamepad, VOIP headset.

Recommended system requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows V / 7/8 / 8.1 Processor: Intel i5-2550K @ 3,4 GHz (or AMD FX-6350 Six-Core or equivalent) RAM: 8 GB of space on your hard drive: 15 GB Supported video card (at least): ATI Radeon HD 6870, NVIDIA GTX 460 DirectX: 11.0 Game for several players on the same system: 2-4 players + 1 on PC keyboard input devices: keyboard, mouse, dual analog gamepad, headset VOIP.

  • In the third paragraph we will talk about football stadiums where we walk in everyday life and the one where we manage virtual Messi or Ronaldo. At all there will be 78 football stadium, 50 with license and 28 without. So, we can see that developers have done a good job, as in FIFA 15 there were only 56 football stadiums.

  • Now, let’s talk about graphics:Image title

  • There will be a new technique for creating a football player that allows you to adjust the size of body parts when you create a player. Developers promise that form now all will be more in proportions and extremely realistic;

  • The new technology of the head and eyes will allow players more meaningful follow the ball on the field;

  • In the game we can see a vanishing spray that judges will apply in a football pitch during penalty kicks (all as in life);

  • The new textured model removes the effect of "plastic" with individual players in the game;

  • Two new types of weather: fog and effect "gloomy" forecast;

  • For the first time in the history of the game long hair will be completely moving ;

  • Improved time of the day (meaning that now you can see the twilight, and so on);

  • Added a new celebration, when the player runs up to the camera, as it did one time Steven Gerrard.

This is not all innovations in graphic’s. All innovations we could see through playing the new game.

  • The gameplay

Let’s start with protection. There were made 25 different changes to the defensive abilities of football players:

  • Improved system of guardianship and intercept of the ball;

  • Faster animation, when you have made a bad tackle before your long got up from the lawn;

  • Revised (reduced) balance of speed runs and turns;

  • Converted some moves to increase the fluidity between player movement;

  • Defenders now are better cover the open space on the field, at any time they ready to make the interception, at the same time, personal care has become more strict;

  • Players began to respond more quickly when the attacker lost the ball and they need to be reconstructed for the defense;

  • New protection cover and visible logic in selecting a position on the field;

  • Players now will be more actively doing everything possible to cover up the open spaces in the rear and on the field;

  • Position and tackle have been completely redesigned;

  • Execution is now rolled up a little more in the distance when the situation requires it;

  • A lot of attention on the part of the engine is now paid to the selection of the correct tackle depending on the situation;

  • The new system is fighting for a ball that is in the air;

  • Now, by clicking the "X" (a pass), you can cancel tackle for quick recovery from the lawn;

  • The new "deceptive tackle", which can be used to lure the opponent.Image title

The goalkeeper:

  • More "human" behavior of the goalkeeper;

  • In FIFA 15 goalkeepers were too good in some situations. In FIFA 16, the developers have achieved a balance;

  • There will be a lot of new animations in the game.

The midfield:

  • Now the players are actively looking for an opportunity to intercept and block balls that are close to them;

  • Players are more harmoniously on the same line in order to avoid gaps between teammates thus creating open areas on the field;

  • Ability to intercept based on the individual abilities of each player.

Few words about pass:

  • The new system pass by pressing R1 (jerk) + X (pass) allow us to make the game as an invited cross, the ball flies at a low trajectory with very high speed;

  • Passes in the game have been reworked so that players in difficult situations can give the ball accurately to create dangerous situations;

  • Now the players are in the wrong gear in one-touch when it can force the situation.

The most beautiful in the game is dribbling. This is some information about it:

  • A new type of dribbling allows you to move your body without touching the ball;

  • You can manage player’s body using LB & RT;

Attempts on target:

  • Strokes are more consistent;

  • Impacts on the run have also undergone changes. More noticeable impact force when the player running at a fast speed and jogging;

  • Advanced Simulation leg will affect the impact, depending on the kicking leg player;

  • Attempts to fly received a number of new animations.

Crosses (races) or speed:

  • Cross in the game become more targeted, in the sense that they are flying at the right time in the open space on the field, not just in the player's feet, which slows down the process before the attack;

  • More movement on the field;

  • Cross became more dangerous weapons in the game;

  • The developers have added a lot of new animations for realistic performance of crosses in FIFA 16.

And the novelty of the EA is the mode “FIFA Trainer”, which will be given tips during the game, appearing above the head of the active player. If you are without the ball, the game will tell you what are the options for selection, if you're with the ball – you will be shown how to properly give a pass or make a canopy.

  • Ladies playing football!Image title

This paragraph will be dedicated to the women's teams. There will be 12 teams to play for women. You can do it only in such modes as a quick match, off-line tournaments and friendly matches online.

  • Career:

  • In the career mode appeared pre-tournament friendlies, it has the opportunity to take part in three out of nine tournaments held in Asia, Europe, Latin and North America;

  • During the season, appeared the opportunity to train players between matches to improve their performance. Each week you can select up to five players from the staff and give them different training tasks;

  • During friendly matches the number of replacements is not limited;

  • The short-term rental of players from other teams has been increased from three to six months, also appeared the opportunity in rent for two seasons.

8. Ultimate Team:

  • In the Ultimate Team will be a new format of broadcasts. During the game will be shown statistics and indicators of the players. Commentators during a match will talk about the club, dynamic commentary will use statistics and history of the team FUT;

  • There have also been changes in the interface mode: added the function "mark", a new opening animation sets, individual scale teamwork and so on.

9. What is FUT Draft ?

FUT Draft – a new mode in which you need to choose the most appropriate scheme and player of the five random players at each position, and then fight with rivals in a series of four matches to get rewards: coin sets and more.

The entry fee for participation in the Draft mode is 15,000 game coins (or 300 FIFA Points), or pick one chip, which is available in sets of FUT.

10. When FIFA 16 will be released ?

FIFA 16 will be released September 24 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this is what concerns people in Europe.

But in North America, the game is available on the two days before – September 22.

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