Cloudbase Prime Preview

Play as a miner who has just gotten a new job at this gas mining platform when suddenly everything goes wrong, you’d wish you got a job elsewhere.

Cloudbase Prime Preview


Cloudbase Prime is a first person action platforming game that revolves around collecting fix bots and defeating your enemies by raising or lowering platforms to your advantage.

If you like a casual game that requires you to do simple objectives over and over again then Cloudbase Prime is the game for you. 

You can purchase this title on Steam for $9.99 but keep in mind that the game is still in early access which means it’s still in development and not finished yet.


From the get go I really didn’t understand what the story was for Cloudbase Prime, I figured it was a game with not really a story but more focused on fun factor a.k.a. eliminating an actual story to follow but after looking back and reading it’s steam page more I noticed that we were playing as a miner. What happens is that being a miner you get signed onto this new job at this giant mining platform but everything starts to fall apart. These evil robots start to want to take over and it’s your job to defeat them. Like I said, you won’t be playing this game for its story and for someone like me it took me a while to actually figure out that there even was a serious story going on.

Cloudbase Prime Preview


Cloudbase Prime is a first-person action platformer game which means that there will be lots of platforming, completing missions, using abilities and defeating bosses. Let’s start by talking about the platforming in this game because you will be doing lots of it. Playing as this miner you will notice that your left-hand shoots these little yellow balls to defeat your enemies, and your right hand can raise or lower platforms. Upon raising a platform if you’re standing on it, you will be launched into the air if you raise the platform.

This goes for the same thing if your enemies are standing a platform too, you lower them or raise them. It’s actually pretty hilarious when an enemy is on a platform and you raise it because they go straight into the air and are completely helpless. Practically throughout all the missions, you will need to learn how to properly raise and lower platforms to get an edge in either combat or scaling your environments.

Cloudbase Prime Preview - Throwing enemies into the air... priceless.
In Cloudbase Prime you will be doing three specific missions in total throughout the entire campaign. The one that's the most popular that you will be doing primarily throughout the entire game would be finding fix bots which are practically going around the map and collecting them, it’s really easy to find them because they’re marked in front of you in where to find them. The other is survival which is basically staying alive until the timer goes down, this was really dumb and I didn’t think it should have been included into the game.

The last one would be this tower defense type mode which practically means these rabbit robots are trying to get to a destination safely and it’s your job to protect them while they get there. There will be lots of enemies trying to kill them and destroy the destination in which they’re trying to get to, I really did not like this mode at all, I thought it was boring and repetitive because it would last so long. Finding the fix bots is what you will be doing though for the majority which I enjoyed way more than those other types of missions.

The main complaint I have however about the mission structure is the fact that when you unlock a new world, you also unlock every mission in it. I found this to be a very odd decision from the developers because I actually like to complete a mission and unlock the next one, not have all of them be unlocked already and I can choose whichever mission I wanted to do. When I was playing and I unlocked the second world, I saw that I could fight the boss right away without having to have to do the other missions.

This led to me fighting the boss and defeating him on the first try and then I went back to do the other missions. This could be because the game is still in early access but I highly suggest that developers take this feature away because what’s the point in playing a game where I can access any mission I want to in that world, it takes the whole satisfaction of completing a mission and unlocking the next one away.

Cloudbase Prime Preview - You can pick any mission you want when unlocking a new world
You don’t always have to use you pea shooter on your left hand. You have access to two abilities which can change up the combat from time to time though I never used them that much. The first ability throws this huge blue line in front of you that raises every platform in its way, this can result into a lot of enemies flying into the air giving you an advantage. The other ability is this cluster bomb that you are thrown into a specific area of your choosing and then a couple seconds later it explodes, this one is actually really useful. You can’t use these abilities on the fly you have to gain fuel to be able to use them.

The way you gain fuel is by lifting a platform that an enemy is standing on or lowering it, once that’s done then you can shoot them and gain fuel points. I thought this system of gaining fuel points by throwing them into the air or lowering it was pretty forced, I would have preferred to gain points by defeating them normally and gaining point sometimes but of course not all the time by killing them because then that would be unfair.

Cloudbase Prime Preview - Ability #1 being able to push all platforms up
Cloudbase Prime Preview - Ability #2 throwing a cluster bomb
In my opinion, the boss battles were the only good part about this game as a whole. These battles can be pretty massive and challenging, though it can be finished in less than three minutes or so but it made my moments of playing this game more memorable. Each boss in this game has a specific way in which to kill them, they all don’t play out the same which is a good thing.

For every boss you encounter you will see a red part of them, this is the part you have to shoot in order to kill them. There was one boss where you actually flying on a dragon which was pretty unique if this game was solely based on boss battles only then it would be such a great game.

Cloudbase Prime Preview - Flying on a dragon killing while defeating another boss, crazy!
Last but not least, I want to talk about the combat and platforming as a whole. I thought after 10 minutes of playing this game that it has become extremely dull and repetitive. You will practically be doing the same thing over and over again just on different maps and while the maps would change in terms of its looks that doesn’t mean the gameplay does.

Shooting these basic yellow balls out of your left-hand gets so boring after a while and it doesn’t feel impactful at all. The screen can be filled with tons of enemies to defeat at a time and you're stuck with your two abilities and your pea shooter of a left hand. To some casual players, this would be considered acceptable but I definitely didn’t think it was fun at all especially since you will be doing it throughout the entire game.

Cloudbase Prime Preview - Lots of enemies to fight at times


The graphics of this game is actually really well done. Its cartoony style gives it an original edge compared to other games and each level has its own dynamic themes. I appreciated the fact that at least each level was different from the last in terms of design. I really have to commend the game for that because it’s tough to keep on making different levels without making it dull, each level astounded me with its depth and volume. The game despite being an early access title is very polished and I didn’t have any glitches or problems at all which is wonderful.

Cloudbase Prime Preview - Beautiful graphics


There are two things to consider in the sound department when talking about Cloudbase Prime and that is the voice acting and the music. I’ll start by talking about the voice acting first because you will be hearing lots of throughout the game. The fix bots are the star of the show when it comes to acting, they act very childish and their voices are very kid-like. It’s really cute at times and at other times it can be very annoying, they also tend to repeat some lines too. 
Towards the end of the game I just really wanted them to shut up after a while and yes while I know they’re supposed to be childish and silly I just couldn’t deal with it. The music in this game is original too which is always cool. I love 8-bit tracks but the music in this game I had to turn it down after about playing 10 minutes of this game because it gets annoying and repetitive. I appreciate that it had original music but only in small doses that I wanted to actually hear it.
Cloudbase Prime Preview - These are the annoying fix bots


Cloudbase Prime is a game that maybe only casual players will like. It offers a simplistic combat system that becomes extremely repetitive throughout the entire game. I enjoyed the idea of being able to lift or lower platforms but even then that got boring after a while too. The boss battles are the star of the show by far and I think this game should solely be based on those moments only. The acting can get annoying and the music can become too much after playing for a while. Also, the fact that I can pick any mission I want when unlocking a new world was a pretty bad idea, I like being able to complete missions and unlock the next one, not have all of them unlocked already. This game is still in early access so hopefully, they can fix a lot of these small issues but other than that this game wasn’t really my cup of tea.

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