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Traverse the woods in search of the renown Bigfoot. Day or night, it will be your job to find him no matter the cost. You will have to use traps, cameras, tracking darts, a flare gun and your wits to defeat the Bigfoot.


BIGFOOT is a first-person survival game that puts players against the infamous Bigfoot. You will have to use a lot of your arsenal to be able to defeat him. 

If you like horror games such as Slenderman then this game will be up your alley.

You can purchase this title on Steam for $15.99, however, this game is still in early access which means it's not completely finished yet.

You can also watch a video preview of BIGFOOT below:


There has been a disappearance of a couple tourists at the national park. The police think that since these tourists went river rafting that they died of an accident but the team you play as seem to think otherwise. You play as the Bigfoot Finders in search of the truth. This is as basic as the story goes but it’s enough to make the premise of this game make sense.

BIGFOOT Preview - Tourists gone missing


Since BIGFOOT is a survival game you will have to do a lot of things to ensure your survival. As soon as you start the game up you will be in your RV which has all your equipment. Equipment here includes cameras (that you can place around the park and watch from your RV), flare gun, rifle (with tracker bullets as well), bear trap, meat, rope, night vision camera, medkit and your wits. You will need to use all of these items to ensure your survival and be able to fight the mighty bigfoot.

I thought that this arsenal was a good choice for this game, it suited it perfectly, I didn’t really feel like anything was out of place. Each item has their uses and works well. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t teach you how to use any of these items or describe what any of them do, there is no tutorial for how to lure Bigfoot or strategies. You’re just kind of thrown into the game without the faintest idea of what to do. I know that a lot of games are like this but for some reason, I just felt like this game just really needed that tutorial part to tell you how everything works.

BIGFOOT Preview - Setting up part 1
BIGFOOT Preview - Setting up part 2
Now, what is it like to actually endure waiting for the actual Bigfoot to come out and face you? Well, sometimes you will be wandering around aimlessly trying to look for him and while sometimes he will roar out loud in the distance, he actually won’t get close to you at all. I’ll be running around for up to 15 minutes not even encountering the damn beast at all which then makes this game so boring. The thing is, this game has awesome mechanics, no doubt, but the waiting period for Bigfoot to actually come out can be so atrocious.

It takes forever and it really brings this game down a lot. Since this game is in early access I know that this game can be improved in this area especially, it really needs it. Other than that facing Bigfoot can be exhilarating but also a chore because he runs away after shooting him once or twice and he runs really fast. Then you have to wait again until he comes out just for him to run away again. It brings down the experience a lot when he runs away because this epic showdown of human vs beast all of a sudden turns into a chore.

BIGFOOT Preview - The Bigfoot himself


This game runs exceptionally smooth online which is fantastic! Playing this game with a friend or stranger is a lot of fun and makes the experience even more intense then it would be in single player. I think that this game should be played online because it just seems more engaging and a lot better to take the beast down. 

BIGFOOT Preview - Multiplayer is awesome


This game looks amazing! I’m honestly surprised that at times I would stop playing the game and just stare at its graphics. They’re really great and I’m glad the developer put in the time to make this place not seem so desolate but beautiful and intricate in its own way. Especially when it’s nice and sunny outside, even when it's dark out it still looks nice. I also didn’t have any framerate problems, glitches, lag, or any problems at all with this game. I’m honestly quite surprised by the amount of polish for an early access title, I mean sure they’re isn’t a gun reloading animation and your hand looks slightly awkward but it doesn’t take away from the experience at all.

BIGFOOT Preview - Astounding graphics


Everything in this game looks and sounds great. From the way your rifle shoots, to hearing Bigfoot roar in the distance, to hearing lighting strike when it’s raining, this game does a great job of sound design. I just genuinely felt like I was in a forest with day and night cycles. It was also really intense when you would hear Bigfoot in the distance knowing that he could come at you at any time. Props to the developer for taking the time to make the sound important in this game.


BIGFOOT is a mixed bag of a survival horror game that can be intense at times or utterly boring. I don’t like the fact that it can take forever for Bigfoot to come out and I especially don’t like it when he runs away from me. The tools to use in this game to catch or lure him is appreciated but I wish there was some sort of tutorial that would teach the player how everything works in terms of how to catch him easier or how each tool works to its advantage. When the game works it’s wonderful but when it takes too long for him to come out it can be a drag. Play this game with friends or with strangers, you will have a much better time! All these problems can easily be fixed with the full release of the game but until then you will still get a kick out of BIGFOOT.

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