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Avorion Early Access Preview

In this article we will be giving you a preview of Avorion, an open, sandbox space exploration game where you can truly make whatever ship idea comes into your mind with its impressive and intuitive modular building system!

Avorion Early Access Preview


Avorion is a procedural generated co-op, space sandbox where players can build their own space ships out of a variety of different blocks that can be scaled, rotated and placed wherever the player chooses. Fight epic battles, explore, mine, trade, build what you want, when you want, whenever you choose.The game is a visually stunning space sandbox game. Sandbox games, are open world/free roaming, considering this one is set in space – it was thoroughly enjoyable.

From what we have played so far, the end goal is to make it to the center of the universe, along the way you can choose the path you wish to take, for example: you can become a part of the trade circle, or perhaps you would like to cause a few wreckages and fight random people. Whether you want to fight, build, explore or just fly around, you are free to do so. All is fun, especially when the overall immersion and replay ability is this high. One of the things we were pleasantly surprised about are the graphics. For a game that uses a block building system, some of the creations you can make are truly staggering. Also featured in this game is a trade system and a faction relationship system, both of which were enjoyable to use and again surprising considering how fleshed out they felt, even this early on in development.

Avorion is available on Steam as an Early Access title for 17.99$.

Avorion Early Access Preview. Space battles look astounding


As mentioned earlier, Avorion uses a modular building system that is actually very well done and thought out. There are not only blocks at your disposal but also curved edge shapes, corner pieces and not to mention other placeable objects, like shield generators and directional thrusters that allow you to turn your ship in a quick and tight direction. Whether you want to build a quick fighter or a large trade ship, you can. Not to mention you can also build a ship that can carry other smaller fighters that you can control individually whenever you want to.

The only negative we can see to this modular building system is that at first it can be difficult to build large, beautiful ships, as the camera does make it hard to see exactly where you are placing objects if you get past a certain size ship. Nevertheless, this building system truly allows players to feel engrossed into the game as if they were a part of it. Plus, given this fact, you also feel close to the ship you have created. 


You wouldn't expect a game that uses modular system to have the greatest visual. Once again this title surprised us! This game has a very pleasing graphical style, it uses bright, vibrant colors with stunning backdrops and it pulls it off amazingly. Even when you come into contact with an extremely block heavy ship, the variety of blocks used, the textures and lighting affects all come together to make even the squarest of ships look pleasing.

Avorion Early Access Preview. The said build mode


The sound in this game is a hard one to describe, this is because it is set in space, and there isn't a lot of sound to hear, you can hear the roar of the engines and sharp sounds of the directional thrusters which we think are well done. They are not silent yet are not too loud. Combine this with the visuals of the engines and the lighting affects that go with them and you have some solid game sounds. 


Performance in Avorion is a huge positive. On max settings, we have never dropped below 60 frames per second. This itself is a great achievement as even when in a large firefight or exploring, the most graphically intensive area being able to have a smooth gameplay experience feels so much better.

Avorion Early Access Preview. As you can see, there's quite a lot of space rubbish


As mentioned throughout this preview, Avorion has truly surprised us so far. When we first picked up this title, we didn't expect much, nor did we have high hopes of it being anything special. After spending time with this incredibly fun, optimized and addictive game, we are left wanting to play more. It looks great for what it is, has a fun, sometimes tricky build system, rough but solid trade and relationship systems and overall great performance. It ticks all the right boxes for us when we look at sandbox games, and we would highly recommend picking it up as new updates are being released often. 

 + Amazingly Optimized  – Camera when building can be tricky
 + Great visuals  – Tutorials not the best
 + Good building system  – Easy to get lost if you are a beginner
 + Able to make great ships

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