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Abatron Preview

Get ready to fight in an intense war full of chaos and utter destruction in this strategic action game. Create massive amounts of units and rush the enemy base to destroy their manosphere before they destroy yours. Level up your units through killing creeps and use their abilities to your advantage.

Abatron Preview


Abatron is a strategic action game that requires the player to destroy the opponent's nanospheres. You can create up to a ton of units, level them up and create utter chaos.

If you like games such as League of Legends or Warcraft then this game will be up your alley.

You can purchase this title on Steam for $19.99 but keep in mind that it’s still in early access which means it’s not completely finished yet.


Unfortunately, there is no story in Abatron but the developers did say that in the full release there will be a campaign story mode which should be exciting.


Abatron is a strategic action game that requires the player to destroy the enemy's manasphere. The thing that makes Abatron so special is that you can play the game from a strategic standpoint, third person standpoint, or first person standpoint. If that doesn’t already sound exciting to you then I don’t know what is. There are only a couple games out there that can do this kind of formula and actually have it work well. Abatron does this exceptionally well and I was delighted at the fact that I could play the game in any style that I wanted to. Playing in the first person was my favorite view point but I used a strategic viewpoint when I was charging in with all my units.

Abatron Preview - First person view
Abatron Preview - Third person view
In order to destroy the enemy's manasphere, you will need to do two things, you will have to create units from specific buildings that have special units in them and kill critters to gain experience to unlock new abilities and become stronger. Each unit has their own special abilities just like in a MOBA. You will have two skills, one that does good damage and one ultimate which does massive amounts of damage

Abatron Preview - Building units
Once you've done all of this you're ready to attack the enemy's manasphere, this turns into a huge chaotic battle that will have lots of enemies on the screen at once and turns into an epic showdown. At this point at the end game, you should build at least 30+ units and go for the win. This was my favorite part of the game because everything just turns into a massive battle and there’s so much stuff going on at the same time.

Abatron Preview - Charge the enemy base!


There is also a multiplayer component to Abatron but unfortunately, I wasn't able to find anyone to play with, there are such modes as free for all, co-op vs ai, and team deathmatch. I'm sure in the future when the game fully releases it will be filled with players ready to go at any time.

Abatron Preview - Multiplayer modes


This game looks pretty good for the most part, though you're only really allowed to play on this one map, the colors are very vibrant and feel unique especially when there is a huge fight going on there is so much to look at and it's actually awesome. I hope to see more variety and maps in the full release that will really test the game's graphics. It would be really awesome to add a snow map too, pretty please? The sound feels very impactful as well and I really liked the fact that I felt like I was in an actual war. With so much chaos happening there is so much to appreciate when there is so much going on.


 Abatron is a fun action strategy game that stands out among other games of this genre. What I liked about this game is the fact that you can switch between a strategic standpoint to the third person and to the first person. This concept made the game unique and tons of fun to play because I really enjoyed playing in the first person. I also enjoyed having as many units as I wanted to thus being able to throw as much as 30+ units at the enemy base at the same time, it felt really empowering and chaotic.

The only bad thing I would have to say is that the game cost $19.99 in its current early access state which is unfortunate because you're only really going to get about 2 hours worth of fun here and that could only be increased if you are able to play with friends or find people online. Other than that I would recommend this game to people who enjoy such titles as League of Legends or Warcraft. Don’t miss out on this title though guys, I have a feeling it could be something big someday.

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