Zold:out Global Has Officially Launched

The steampunk-themed tactical deck building RPG developed by C4Cat Entertainment has finally gone live with global servers having been officially up and open since January 26. Zold:out Global is available now on the AppStore, Play Store and PC via Steam.

Zold:Out Global Has Officially Launched

Zold:out is a semi-turn based, steampunk-themed strategic role-playing game developed by C4Cat Entertainment. The story revolves around a young boy named Oscar, who inherits a weapons store. There he is able to interact with the residents of his homeland of Aojin Portbay who all gather at his store for various reasons. Here in Zold:out, players can acquire weapons of a wide variety, forge weapons with unique abilities, battle monsters, and recruit new members to their party to venture out on an unforgettable journey.

Zold:out Global Gameplay Trailer

The engaging gameplay of Zold:out is centered around strategic deck building and turn-based combat. Players must use their acquired action points to move their units into the best position for an attack. How these points are spent can vastly change the outcome of a battle. They can also strengthen their decks by upgrading and improving their weapons as they progress throughout the game.

Just as the players level up, the difficulty level of the monster bosses will increase as well.

Zold:out has been released on global servers as of January 26th, at 7:00 AM (PST). Those interested can download the game today via AppStore, Google Play and Steam.

SourceZold:out Official Twitter Post

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