ZeroRanger Developer Announces New Game

System Erasure, developer of 2018's ZeroRanger, has announced via Twitter that they've been working on a new game: VoidStranger. It marks the developer's second game to their name, which they've been working on since early 2019, according to a follow-up tweet.

ZeroRanger Developer Announces New Game Cover

Developer System Erasure has gained some notoriety in the gaming world for its work on ZeroRanger, a game that was praised by various Youtubers with large followings in 2019. Today, the team has announced on Twitter that they’re working on their follow-up game: VoidStranger.

According to additional replies to the main tweet, VoidStranger has been in development since “the beginning of 2019.” Given the state of the game in the trailer and the “smaller in scope” comment also within the replies, it’s fair to assume that the completed project shouldn’t take too much time.

Some similarities can be noted between this and the previous game, including the prevalence of pixel artistry and the mysterious vibe. ZeroRanger had an atmosphere that attempted to subvert players’ expectations, which this VoidStranger trailer also shows subtle signs of. One can also note the similarity in their names: ZeroRanger and VoidStranger. “Zero” and “Void” are synonyms, while “Ranger” and “Stranger” rhyme, on top of the latter being comprised of the former. One could float the theory that the two games will be connected.

For what we thought of their first game, be sure to look at our ZeroRanger review! The game has also received a couple content updates since its release.

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