Yumi Yang Becomes Head Of Sony Santa Monica

Yumi Yang has become the studio head of God of War developer, Sony Santa Monica. She replaces former executive producer Shannon Studstill, now working for Google Stadia. The PlayStation veteran has been with the platform for almost twenty years.

Yumi Yang becomes studio head at Sony Santa Monica

Sony Santa Monica has a new studio head.

PlayStation has announced that Yumi Yang will take over as studio head at Sony Santa Monica; the developer responsible for God of War. She replaces former executive producer Shannon Studstill, who recently moved to a brand new studio, creating games exclusively for Google Stadia. Yang has 19 years experience at PlayStation and, as stated by the studio, has been “heavy involvement across many of Sony Santa Monica Studio’s biggest games”.

“Her project management prowess and meticulous oversight of 2018’s God of War helped the title fully realise its groundbreaking potential,” a spokesperson said in the statement. “After nearly two decades and countless substantial contributions to Santa Monica Studio’s rich legacy, Yumi has the unquestioned respect and trust of her peers. With her vast experience and deep understanding of the studio’s distinct creative DNA, she is perfectly positioned to lead Santa Monica Studio to a bold and exciting future.”

God of War Is Arguably The Best Game Of Its Generation

God of War's epic tale of fatherhood, grief and redemption is a wonderful ride.

God of War’s epic tale of fatherhood, grief and redemption is a wonderful ride.

What can be said about 2018’s God of War that hasn’t been said already? It is easily one of the best games of the 20th century and arguably the best game of this generation. Both Yang and Studstill worked on the game along with creative director Cory Barlog. The narrative is too good to spoil, so read our review if you want some story info. Suffice to say, God of War will have you enthralled and emotional by the time you’ve finished.

Sequel speculation began shortly after the game’s release, and with the PS5 on the way, another instalment is near guaranteed. In a recent IGN Tweet asking which asked which PlayStation exclusive sequels people would like to see, accompanied with an image including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Uncharted and Barlog’s own God of War. Barlog replied to this tweet, saying “all please”. Considering his position, he would already know that a sequel was in production. Might we see another instalment as early as 2021/22? Let’s hope so.

God of War – Story Trailer | PS4

God of War is available both physically and digitally on PS4.


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