You Can Play a Destroy All Humans! Demo on PC Right Now

That's right, you can play a demo of Destroy All Humans! on PC right now through GOG. Play through the first mission as you abduct cows and kill farmers or the other way around if you feel like it. Get a taste of nostalgia before the July 28 release date.

Kill humans in Destroy All Humans! demo

You read that headline correctly; you can play a Destroy All Humans! demo on PC right now through GOG.

The demo consists of the first mission. You are on Earth in the middle of nowhere America. Go around the farm and vaporize farmers, burn the environment, and abduct cows. 

The ground-up remake brings players back to a nostalgic time with the modern graphics of the classic 2005 game. It was originally developed by Pandemic Studios, which is no longer around since its 2009 release of The Saboteur. Outside of aliens invading Earth to abduct cows and kill small-town folk, the studio was known for the original Star Wars: Battlefront along with its sequel and Mercenaries.

The faithful recreation is under Black Forest Games, a German studio that has developed a re-imagined version of The Great Giana Sisters with Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. The company’s latest creation was last year’s survival game called Fade to Silence, which received a range of poor to mediocre reviews.

Destroy All Humans! - Official Gameplay Trailer

The Destroy All Humans! demo should keep you held over until its July 28 release date on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.

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