Yashiro Is the Latest Fighter Coming to The King of Fighters XV

Yashiro is revealed in the latest King of Fighters 15 trailer. Having not appeared officially since KOF 97, the brawler shows that time hasn't brought down the powerhouse. However, his reveal has major implications going forward. As one of the series' biggest bad guys, his return from death opens up a world of possibilities.

Yashiro is the Latest Fighter Coming to The King of Fighters XV Cover

In the latest trailer for The King of FIghters XV, Yashiro was revealed as the next to enter this year’s tournament. Debuting in KOF 97, the leader of the New Faces Team hasn’t appeared in a canon entry since that appearance. While not as high profile as Terry Bogard’s trailer from last week, Yashiro’s return has some major implications for the game going forward.

Longtime fans will recognize this brawler and grappler as one-third of what would become Orochi. Initially, he was a fighting musician who entered the tournament to get revenge for Iori’s jazz band stealing his gig (seriously). Unbeknownst to everyone, this was a cover. Yashiro and his bandmates were ultimately shown to be the big bad of the game’s overarching story. By combining their souls to revive Orochi, a god-like being dedicated to cleansing the earth, they became one of the most infamous bosses in the franchise. The monster was eventually defeated by Kyo, Iori and Chizuru as 1997 came to a close.

Yashiro prepares his most powerful attack.

Yashiro prepares his most powerful attack.

During the closing moments of KOF XIV, however, spirits of the many dead characters over the years were released. Speculation among fans leaned towards this team being one of the first to return. Given their popularity despite a single major appearance, it seemed like a no-brainer for many. This was further teased as members of the team appeared in spinoff games, but with Yashiro’s confirmation, his teammates won’t be far behind. With the trio returning, will their combined form be making an appearance to terrorize us once again?

Based on the trailer, not much has changed since we last saw him. His fighting style combines breakdancing with powerful punches and throws. His design may have changed slightly, but his hatred for Iori still burns. There’s nothing more dangerous than a struggling musician by the looks of it.

KOF XV|YASHIRO NANAKASE|Character Trailer #11 (4K)

Yashiro joins what is looking to be one of the most robust casts yet. The amount of history being put on display helps blend nostalgia with new mechanics, promising something for veterans and rookies. Who else are you hoping makes the cut? Let me know in the comments as we anticipate KOF XV‘s release later this year.

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