Xbox’s Games With Gold For March Revealed

Xbox announces what free games will come to Xbox Live Gold members for the month of March.

Back on the 22nd of February Xbox announced via their official blog what their upcoming free games would be for members with an Xbox Live Gold subscription and when they will be available from.
With 4 games coming this month, all of which will be available on the Xbox One while only 2 will be available on the Xbox 360, members will have plenty to choose from.

First up, available only on Xbox 1, is Layers of Fear which was developed by Bloober Team and published by Aspyr Media, Inc. Layers of Fear is a first-person psychological horror game where players take control of a mentally disturbed painter who is trying to make his was through a mansion. During the experience players will solve various puzzles and uncover truths about the painter. Layers of Fear will be available from March 1st till March 31st.

Arriving on March 16th till April 15th for Xbox One is Evolve Ultimate Edition. Developed by Turtle Rock Studies and published by 2K Games, Evolve is a first person coop shooter that tasks 4 players to team up and take down a constantly evolving monster that is controlled by another player. For the ensuing hunt players have the choice between various hunters and multiple monsters.

On both Xbox One and Xbox 360 is Borderlands 2, the action adventure, first person shooter developed by Gearbox Studios and published by 2K Games. Players choose between 1 of four Vault Hunters with various skills and abilities who are looking for treasure on the planet of Pandora. Borderlands 2 is only available from March 1st till the 16th of March.

Also coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 is Heavy Weapon which was both developed and published by PopCap Games. This side scrolling shooter puts you in control of a tank as you try and fight of a Soviet Union invasion. Heavy Weapon is available from March 16th till march 31st.

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