Xbox Makes Getting Xbox Series X|S Easier for Some People

Amid a supply issue that makes the acquisition of Xbox Series X|S harder than it has to, Xbox is launching a program that will ease getting one of the consoles. However, the program does come with conditions to meet and a caveat to consider. Consequently, the lucky few who will be chosen for the program will get to get their hands on a shiny new console simply by registering.


Xbox Makes Getting Xbox Series X|S Easier for Some People cover

Xbox has made a tweet announcing an easier way for some people into getting their hands on an Xbox Series X|S.

In said tweet, Xbox Insider introduced the Console Purchase Pilot, which is available only for US consumers. Particularly those who currently own an Xbox One.

While the promo is literally open for any registrant who meets both conditions, it does come with a caveat. Citing “limited space” availability as a reason, not all who will register will be automatically selected for the program.

Microsoft’s current flagship console has proven to be difficult to acquire, despite being half a year in the market. With stocks seeing almost immediately get sold out as soon as they’re put on shelves, it displays people’s high demand for entertainment.

But it is not just the demand that’s the issue, it’s more so the supply that cannot meet the demand. The reason boils down to essential hardware shortages that cause the disruption to the production of literally many electronic products, including only video game consoles. With the pandemic still ongoing, concerns over semiconductor scarcity remain to be a pressing issue. One that some in the industry suggest will likely persist throughout 2021 into the next year.

Xbox Launch Celebration – Xbox Series X|S – Official Trailer

What do you think? Will you be one of the lucky few who would be getting a chance at upgrading to Xbox Series X|S from Xbox One? Comment below.

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