Xbox Series X Wins “Most Wanted Tech” Award At Gamescom, PS5 Not Nominated

Microsoft's all-powerful Xbox Series X has scooped the award at Gamescom 2020 for "Most Wanted Tech". Additionally, Sony's hugely-anticipated console was glossed over in favour of Xbox's Game Pass system and the Intellivision Amico. The hardware selections have raised questions about the legitimacy of the award, and possibly other awards too.

Xbox Series X Wins

Despite not having a physical show, due to the complications provided by Covid-19, Gamescom has still been able to carry on as normal and show off a litany of exciting new titles and tech titans. To help round off the show, Gamescom’s annual awards have taken place, recognizing some of gaming’s hottest, upcoming software and hardware. One such category is specifically dedicated to hardware. As Holiday 2020 looms ever-closer, so does the consumer’s wait for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It was actually the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X which won the award for “Most Wanted Tech” at Gamescom, not the PS5.

Now, it’s generally accepted that the specifications for the Xbox Series X are quite frankly monstrous, Microsoft have created a physical specimen of a console. But given that the only three nominees were the Xbox Series X, Cloud Gaming With Xbox Pass, and the Intellivision Amico – it seems to be a surprising and baffling omission for the PS5. No one is disputing that the Xbox Series X is a worthy award winner for such a category at Gamescom, but the PS5 being excluded is a strange one. How seriously people take awards is obviously up to them, but some questions do have to be asked about why the console, that is currently ahead in the polls for next-gen, wasn’t even included.


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