Xbox Series X Production is Underway; France on the Priority List

Is the launch of the Xbox Series X on track? With the coronavirus pandemic stalling industries across the world, the start of the next gaming generation with the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles has been in question. Well, Xbox Series X production seems to be underway in France at least, for a launch still planned for the end of the year.

Xbox Series X Production is Underway; France on the Priority List

French publication, Xboxygen, had an interview with director of Xbox France, Ina Gelbert. After bringing up part of the initial impact of the coronavirus, temporarily closing Xbox’s factories in China, Xboxygen brought up concerns that there might be a console shortage for particular territories on release. Gelbert responded with ensuring that Xbox Series X production is underway and they will have the units ready for launch in late 2020, with France being on the list of countries with priority to receive the amount of consoles they require.

Please note that the following quotes were originally in French and have been translated via Google Translate. 

Ina Gelbert: The choice we made on this launch is really to be present in more countries than at the launch of the Xbox One. Today I do not see a risk for France, in any case. But if tomorrow, a few days before the launch, there is a huge containment in the world … that we can not do much.

In any case in our plan today, we have the units for the launch. France is in the priority countries. Now, will we have enough … This is always a big question, and this is where we enter into discussions for us, and it is my role, to favor France over to other countries. Show that we have the community, that we have the market, that there are huge expectations around the Xbox Series X in France and that we need units to cover this demand.

Xboxygen: Has production of the console already started? Is she in factories?

Ina Gelbert: Ah yes. It’s a lot of work to launch consoles like that, given the number of components etc. The lines to set up in factories … There is a lot of work.

Xbox Series X - World Premiere - 4K Trailer

Furthering relief over being ready for the planned console launch, AMD, the manufacturer of processors for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, has reported accelerated production of its chips in support of the launches, anticipating the significant revenues that will come with them. At the the time of writing, Q4 2020 is still the planned release date of the PlayStation 5 and now especially the Xbox Series X.

For any updates on the next-gen console launches and any of their upcoming games, be sure to check in with KeenGamer. 


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