Xbox Releases Huge Backwards Compatibility Enhancement Drop

Xbox releases a batch of backwards compatibility enhancements for old and new games alike. From FPS boosts to visual enhancements, over 90 titles now take advantage of these features. Players will be able to enjoy these improvements from today, and here's how you can check if your favourites utilise these features.

Xbox Releases Huge Backwards Compatibility Enhancement Drop Cover

Today, Xbox dropped its biggest batch of enhanced backwards compatible video games available for all current and future owners. Including hit titles such as Life is Strange, Dying Light, Far Cry 5 and many more. You can now play some of your favourite classics or even newer ones that take advantage of features from FPS Boost to enhanced visuals.

Earlier this year, some of Bethesda’s greatest hits were added to the ever-growing list of FPS Boosted titles. This included fan-favourites Skyrim and Fallout 4. The team was not done here, however, as over 90 now utilise the enhancements. This will please fans to be able to play their favourite titles with new life breathed into them. It’s great to see that Microsoft continues to support older games and even guides them into the next generation.

In order to check the eligibility of a title in your library, head over to My Games & Apps, press the select button on any game and press “compatibility options”. There, you will be able to see whether Auto HDR and FPS Boost are available or not. If one is part of the list, but not yet showing these options, try restarting your console.

The Evolution of Xbox Backward Compatibility

Xbox Backward Compatibility is a feature that the team has made a high priority to some degree. Ever since the announcement of this feature for the Xbox One, the team committed to ensuring that fans could bring their library with them into the next generations. We’re not just seeing them on our new screens and systems, but being enhanced for them, too.

How do you feel about the Xbox Backwards Compatibility enhancements? Are there any games that you want to see added? Let me know down below!

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