Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro? The Best Choice Is Neither

"Switch + PC Master Race"

Xbox One X Or PS4 Pro? The Best Choice Is Neither (image courtesy of Gamespot)
Weeks after the reveal of the Xbox One X, the console wars still rage on. "Sony ponies" and "Xbots" fan the fires of battle between their respective plastic boxes, while the CEOs of each company sit on their corporate pedestals, each laughing all the way to the bank with yen and dollar bills flying out of their pockets.

"The Xbox One X sucks." "The PS4 Pro sucks." Has anyone stopped to think "Hey, I think they both kinda suck"? Because, in my opinion, they both do.

Neither "upgrade" does anything that significantly warrants a purchase. Each just screams for help against the burgeoning PC industry, and fails in providing any solace that consoles will last as "HD twins" in the faraway future. If anything, Nintendo's Switch is far more worthy of attention and provides a better argument. It's actual console gaming on the go – who doesn't want that? Plus, it's way more affordable and versatile than a gaming laptop. The differences between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro with PCs aren't many, on the other hand.

Consoles will also be behind modern-day PCs. In this day and age, technology is constantly evolving, new software is being made, and better methods are found to figure out life's everyday problems. When a piece of hardware launches, every day from that point forward, it will always be another day behind in technology, as the box itself isn't upgradable or customizable to the fullest extent of a PC. More and more parts will be able to be swapped in and out as the Xbox and PlayStation brands evolve, sure, but what would be the point, then? Where will the feasibility that consoles promise be? Better yet, will people still fall for it?

The argument can be made that getting an Xbox One X is actually a better investment than getting a PC at roughly the same price. That's a good point, except when considering long-term value, the PC eventually exceeds that, as one day the Xbox One X console will have to be replaced entirely, whereas the PC will just need certain parts to be replaced. The case is more or less the same with the PS4 Pro. Execs at Sony have even confirmed that a new PlayStation console is indeed coming.

The battle between these two consoles is silly and useless, if not because for all of the childish banter that comes along with it, but for the ineptitude of its fans to take a step back and think about things for just a second. At the end of the day, games are just games – nothing more or less. Let's all just calm down and have fun, OK?

Oh, who am I kidding?

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    have to agree i have both systems and am pretty non plussed..

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    Switch + PC Master Race indeed. Only when it comes to mobile does PC generally fail to hold value, but otherwise, the PC ends up being better value proposition at the expense of higher entry price point, and (for now) console exclusives.



    And for console exclusives, it looks like Microsoft if bringing everything to PC anyways, and Sony’s got PSNow on PC as well, with PS4 games too! And this is fine since the worthwhile console exclusives are generally single-player anyways, so a rent is fine.

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    I won’t lie, this is a very intelligent argument on the case of buying new consoles and what it means to do so in this day and age. Certainly everything has changed immensely since the original Xbox and PS2, but with how this generation (8th) has played out, most people probably prefer just dumping an older hardware revision for the newest one which still isn’t a bad way to go considering if you do get a fair returning the investment. It’s hardly nonsensical to enjoy the living heck out of both platforms after they have expired, because there are plenty more games to come till 2020 at least, so it’s not all grim news when compared to PC is my opinion.


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