Xbox One adds more backwards compatible titles for November

Xbox One has been slowly making the push for backwards comparability and, after a tweet from Xbox Head Phil Spencer, he has revealed that November is looking to be a great month of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, with some of the highest requested Xbox 360 titles being playable on Xbox One soon. Which Xbox 360 titles do you want to see on Xbox One?

Xbox One adds more backwards compatible titles for November
Xbox One has been slowly pushing forth with backwards compatibility on their flagship console, progressively adding more and more of the most popular Xbox 360 titles onto their current gen platform.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been championing backwards compatibility for quite a while, and has been quoted before as saying that he doesn't believe in having to buy a new console every two years. In reply to a tweet referencing some of the new titles available on the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program, Phil Spencer replied the following:

Phil Spencer teases the availability of newly backwards compatible titles
Microsoft have been running a user poll for quite a while, asking the community the simple question of which games from the previous generation of Xbox they'd like to see made available on the Xbox One. With Phil Spencer's recent tweet, players have a new hope that their favourite games, some of which include major titles as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect, and GTA IV to name a few, will finally be playable on the Xbox One.

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Tinkerbell Anne

I would love for black ops 2 to become playable on xbox 1, great article by the way! keep it up.

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