Xbox Insider Update Gets Discord Voice Chat

Discord's voice chat features, among other things, haven't really been on consoles in an official capacity outside of Microsoft Edge on Xbox One. That's going to change today, as Xbox users will be able to connect with their friends on Discord thanks to the latest console update for the Xbox Insider Program.

Xbox Insider Update Gets Discord Voice Chat

Discord is probably one of the biggest platforms for people to connect with others, start their own communities, work on projects with schools, and more thanks to its flexible server creation tools and abundance of bots online. The company also partnered with Sony last year; theoretically, the idea of Discord coming to PlayStation or Xbox consoles officially could be a reality soon.

Microsoft’s the first one to get started on that front, thanks to their Xbox Insider Program. Today’s update brings partial Discord integration to the platform. In a post on Xbox Wire, users on Xbox Series consoles will be able to join their friends in Discord calls instead of Xbox Parties (the latter won’t be going away).

Discord also tweeted about the new Xbox Insider update, which you can see below.

You’ll have to be Xbox Insider to take advantage of this immediately, though, and doing that isn’t hard. All you have to do is download the Xbox Insider Hub. From there, you can access this console update, download and install it (console restarts will be required), and start chatting with your Discord friends.

As for what you need on Discord’s side, you’ll need to pair your Discord and Xbox accounts. To do that, you go to your account settings and navigate to Connections. You then click on the Xbox button and follow the onscreen instructions to sign in to your Xbox account. After following those instructions, your accounts will be linked.

Overall, this serves as a net benefit for Xbox, as games with crossplay like Fall Guys, Halo Infinite, and the MultiVersus beta are making the rounds, so having a universal medium for communication is a feature that works well for these titles.

Discord is available to download on PCs and mobile phones (via Android or the Apple App Store).

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