Xbox Gamers Can Donate Reward Points To Charities; Xbox To Match Donations

Xbox gamers will now have the power to turn their Microsoft Reward points into charitable donations for the United Nation Foundation and GlobalGiving. Microsoft will match any donations made in a bid to help charities that are offering aid during the current global pandemic.

Xbox Gamers Can Donate Reward Points To Charities; Xbox To Match Donations

As much as we try, it’s hard to escape the harrowing reality that we’re all embroiled in right now. Self-isolating. Feeling helpless. That’s why Xbox have created this initiative to try and do their part to help, whilst encouraging Xbox gamers to donate reward points and do their part.

On the Xbox Live Marketplace right now, players can click on the Microsoft Reward Points option and it will then present several sub-options. New icons will now provide people with the ability to donate Microsoft Point Rewards to these charitable organisations. Upon completion of the donation, you’ll receive a prompt thanking you, and naturally Xbox will match whatever you are able to offer.

It’s a greater effort than other brands are doing with Gamestop foregoing the health and safety of their employees by trying to operate their stores on skeleton staff.

Both organisations are both helping in their own way, the United Nations Foundation work in conjunction with the United Nations themselves. They try to help overcome the pressing issues regarding humanity; in this case, COVID-19. 

Similarly, GlobalGiving, a non-profit organisation that has operated for 18 years and received $450 million in donations, have a worldwide Coronavirus Relief Fund. 

Hopefully any donations will go a long way towards helping those in need in these troubling times.

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