Xbox Game Pass On PC Will Soon Double In Price

The popular gaming subscription service Xbox Game Pass will see its price on PC double to USD $9.99/month on September 17. This price increase marks the service’s move out of its beta state on PC, as “general availability” allows more gamers to try out Game Pass’ ever growing library of games.

Xbox Game Pass on PC Will Soon Double in Price Cover

If you currently don’t have Xbox Game Pass on PC, you may have missed out on its valuable introductory price of $4.99/£3.99. That’s because the monthly subscription based service will see a price increase on September 17 to $9.99/£6.99 as Microsoft confirmed in a tweet today. This means that both the PC version of Xbox Game Pass and the Windows App will be exiting their beta phase.

However, Microsoft also confirmed that the current price will remain for any existing subscribers during the overlapping billing period. Apparently, they will receive “a notification on the 17th with to get more details”. It’s also important to note that this price increase is only for the PC version of Game Pass, which will place it level with the current rates on Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, EA Play is also being added to Xbox Game Pass, adding to the already substantial library of games when it merges these holidays. For more exciting Microsoft news, the company has recently confirmed the Xbox Series X and S price as well as their release dates for November 10. No doubt, Game Pass will be a big feature of the next generation systems as the service continues to grow with its subscription base 10 million strong and growing.

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