Xbox Enhances Backward Compatibility With FPS Boost Feature

Xbox will enhance its stance on backward compatibility with a new feature, FPS Boost. Not every game will have its frames doubled or some cased quadrupled. The company will slowly roll it out and update games to deliver that buttery smooth experience with 60 or more FPS.

Xbox Enhances Backward Compatibility With FPS Boost Feature

Today Xbox announced FPS Boost, a new feature that enhances backward compatibility. It is exactly how it may sound, as select games will have a higher frame rate.

“With certain titles, we can make the experience even better, all with no work required by the developer, and no update needed by the gamer,” Paul Eng, the senior program manager at Xbox wrote. “To that end, the backward compatibility team has developed FPS Boost, which employs a variety of new methods for nearly doubling (and in a few instances, quadrupling) the original framerate on select titles.”

Starting today, you can experience this with Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4, and Watch Dogs 2. Each will vary on how much its performance gets a bump for a smoother experience. New Super Lucky’s Tale will go up to a whopping 120 FPS, or if you are living out your UFC fantasies will be a smooth 60 FPS. If you have not purchased these games, that is okay as it will work if you have it downloaded from Game Pass.

Sometime in the spring, options will be made available to see what games will have the new upgrades, an indicator to see if it is on, and HDR.

Microsoft has shifted its intent with the platform in recent years by having a strong stance on providing a service to players. Game Pass grows its catalog of free games consistently, with recent introductions like Elite Dangerous and Dirt 5. Opening the door for PC players to play flagship exclusives like Gears of War or newer IPs like The Medium were other ways to get people into the ecosystem without having to drop the cash for a console.

The Evolution of Xbox Backward Compatibility

Whether you own a next-gen Xbox or Game Pass subscriber, what do you think of backward compatibility getting more advanced with FPS Boost? Let us know all of your thoughts on this feature and story in the comments.

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