Head Of Xbox Isn’t Bothered About Sales Figures

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, claims that the company isn't bothered if they hit lower sales figures than PS5. The console war between Xbox and Playstation doesn't seem to have an effect on the company anymore. Xbox will, instead, focus on their loyal fans rather than gaining newcomers.

Head Of Xbox Isn't Bothered About Sales Figures

Animal Talking had Phil Spencer as a guest for its latest episode, and we got some interesting information regarding Xbox’s business idea. Phil Spencer made some very interesting statements about the upcoming console and the company itself. He mentioned that the competition between the consoles would be “fundamentally different” because the company doesn’t focus on selling more units than other companies. Meaning he does not care about the new Xbox’s sales figures compared to its rivals.

“I want to have a great experience on the television and I think Xbox Series X is absolutely going to deliver that and I’m incredibly excited by the lineup of games that we’re building, but it is a fundamental difference than the traditional console war as people talk about.”

“How many consoles do I sell versus how many consoles does another company sell’ – Sony or Nintendo or other companies back in the day – we’re just not…that’s not our approach.”

If the “traditional console war” was their approach, the company would’ve been focusing on improving the console. It’s very narrow-minded. Why not think outside the box and expand to new platforms? That’s why Xbox has decided to include PC players and will launch Project xCloud. Xbox rather wants to build the experience around you and focus on building up a great community. That’s the main reason why Xbox isn’t entirely focusing on building the best console ever. It’s all about entertainment and having a blast while playing.

Animal Talking - Phil Spencer, Lisa Loeb, Dylan Sprouse (S02E08)

Whether you’re a PC player or an Xbox player, the team wants to include everyone. That’s why the team doesn’t bother with the sales figures of the console. It’s all about having a great experience.

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