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X-Com 2: it’s time to take Earth back

Just in next few months X-Com 2 is about to be realeased. A sequel to a very popular "remake" of original game from year 1994 created by Firaxis. Me personaly I can't wait till it's out because the first volume of this turn-based strategy was awesome and I am looking forward to see what boys from Firaxis have to offer after their success with X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

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I remember like it was only yesterday when I was watching my older brother playing original UFO: Enemy Unknown, I would like to say breakthrough turn-based strategy game by MicroProse from year 1994. Game itself experienced a massive boom those days and it brought something new and a lot of fresh wind along with great gameplay and in that time even quite nice graphical coat. Almost twenty years have passed and during those times a lot of game developing companies tried to create a game that could be at least spiritual successor to the original UFO from 1994 but that was accomplished by company Firaxis, when in year 2012 was realesed their "remake" of X-Com: Enemy Unknown.

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X-Com: Enemy Unknown from Firaxis became a worthy successor of his twenty years younger little brother and was able to achieve in short time great renown and lot of fans all over the world and I dare to say that it is the one of the most managed remakes in the gaming sphere ever. The game is build on Unreal Engine and it offers very nice and detailed graphic coat (it also depends on your machine, right :-D) but what impressed me most was gameplay and re-gameplay of this title, which me myself finished like three times and every time with another way of progress in the game, with another tactic etc.

GImage titleame offers countless possibilities how you can pass through the missions and it depends only up to you what approach will you choose, if careful one, when you will consider using of every each action point of your soldier or little more aggressive and faster style hit-and-run which isn't always the correct one because you never know when you will be suddenly attacked by a non-excpected Muton (Yes! The name of aliens from the original game was preserved) attacked from behind the corner you didn't know about. Battle part of the game is really sophisticated and offers several type of missions. From liquidation missions, through rescue missions to missions where your goal will be looking for source of infection that turns people of a small village into a freaky zombies. Entire gameplay and content of X-Com:EU boys from Firaxis gets enhanced by a datadisk called X-Com: Enemy Within which brings a few brand new missions, new soldier classes and possibilities how you can get through the whole game and it wasn't a disappointment. But I dare to say that Enemy Unknown moved this title to a higher quality.

Almost three years have passed and Firaxis got for us sequel in a very short time of their turn-based game with a small difference. You won't be defending planet Earth anymore but you have to get it back. Events between X-Com: Enemy Image titleUnknown and X-Com 2 aren't known but there must have happened something really bad because planet Earth is now under control of aliens and people are living with them in some kind of crazy symbiosis. And your task as a leader of a partisan group X-Com will do everything to save citizens of the planet Earth from the alien dictatorship. Game shall offer again a bit better graphics with far more detailed models of characters. New weapons, new possibilities of research and development but even new powerful enemies and new ways how to fight them and think of a lot more possibilities over the tactic you will choose because you have to remember one thing: 

Now you are the Enemy and your goal is to change it. 

Due to the fact that your organization is an enemy on this planet you shall posses no ground base but you will float in air and space within your space-ship which will become also your base of operations.

So ladies  and gentlemen…Take Earth back!!   

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I always loved xcom. Let’s hope the new game will be as good as the previous ones! 😉

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