WWE 2K17 Coming to Windows PC on February 7

Time to lay the Smackdown! WWE 2K17 release date for PC has finally been unveiled after a long delay. Originally released on October 11th for consoles, PC players will finally be able to play as their favourite superstars as they powerbomb, chokeslam, and RKO their way to the championship!

WWE 2K17 Coming to Windows PC on February 7
Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and more descend onto a PC near you on February 7th as WWE 2K17 finally gets its PC release date.

The game brings the largest roster of wrestlers ever seen in a WWE game, also bringing many fan-favourite features, mirroring the content available in the console releases of the game. WWE 2K17 was released on October 11th 2016 for consoles, but large delays meant that the PC edition was postponed until now, as 2K have finally unveiled the release date to fans.

Upon release, fans will be able to choose between the Standard and Deluxe editions of the games, at £39.99 and £60.99 respectively. Players will also be able to purchase the Season Pass at the price of £24.99. Speaking of DLC, All WWE 2K17 DLC released to date for the console editions will be immediately available for PC at launch, and any future DLC released after the February 7th launch date will be available on PC at a later date.

You can pre-order WWE 2K17 on Steam

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