Wuthering Waves Global Release Date Officially Confirmed

Wuthering Waves is a shaping up to be the next big action gacha RPG and, after many years and several high profile Closed Beta Tests, it's finally received a global release date for this year. Wuthering Waves will launch on May 23rd 2024, with pre-registration open right now for anyone who wants to sign up.

Wuthering Waves Global Release Date Officially ConfirmedWuthering Waves, the next big action RPG gacha game developed by Kuro Games, hoping to compete with Hoyoverse’s Genshin Impact, has finally gotten an official global release date after a developer livestream. During it, we got to see two new trailers for Wuthering Waves, one story trailer and one gameplay trailer, and several changes and improvements coming in the full release.

Wuthering Waves is launching globally on the 23rd of May 2024 on PC, iOS, and Android. The game supports data-sharing across your accounts, meaning that your progress is shared anywhere you play. You can pre-register for Wuthering Waves right now to download the game as soon as the launcher becomes available on your chosen platform. 

Speaking of pre-registering, there is a Wuthering Waves pre-registration campaign currently ongoing where Rovers across the globe will receive a bounty of rewards and items depending on how many people pre-register for the game. Rewards include 80,000 Shell Credits (the currency in Wuthering Waves), 10 Advanced Resonance Potions, 200 Astrite (premium currency), 20 Lustrous Tide (pulls, similar to Fates in Genshin Impact), and an exclusive Sigil.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Pre-Registration Rewards

The livestream mainly focused on a laundry list of improvements and optimisations coming to Wuthering Waves following the CBT2 (Closed Beta Test 2), which went live a few months ago. They detailed improvements to the unique Echo system, which allows players to transform into enemies from around the world, such as allowing players to choose the appearance of their Echo. Each Echo has a special “Shiny” form with a unique appearance. In the full game, you can set this appearance for any Echo of the same type once you’ve gotten the special version at least once. 

Other improvements include revised sound effects for character attacks and skills, better lip-syncing during cutscenes and story moments for greater impact and immersion, gamepad and customizable key settings, and more. It was also confirmed that Yinlin, one of the most highly anticipated playable characters in Wuthering Waves and a shakey moral code, will receive a Companion Story in the full release.

Release Date Announcement

Release Date Announcement

Once again, Wuthering Waves is launching on May 23rd 2024 for PC, iOS, and Android. You can pre-register for the game on the official Wuthering Waves website.

SOURCE: Wuthering Waves | Special Broadcast Program | 2024/03/29

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