Wurm Online – Challenger server and more

Wurm Online - Challenger server, bridges, tapestry, trebuchet and more.

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On December 10th new Challenge server will be opened. What challenge and features awaits you?

"Build The Battlefield" has the following features:

  •     Full PvP

  •     All skills start at 20

  •     Totally free to play – no premium required!

  •     Ultra fast skillgain

  •     Ultra fast timers

  •     Resource spawns which create strategic points of conflict

  •     New War Machines such as Siege Shield, Ballista, Trebuchet, Archery Tower

  •     Resets after 30 days

After this Challenge will end Rolf with others will evaluate how fun it was and make appropriate changes. The whole server is reset but you keep titles and any money you are left with after settlements have been disbanded.

You can win prices in several categories:

  •     Most overall points

  •     Most items looted from resource points

  •     Most Battle Points

  •     Player with most HOTA wins

  •     Most Unique player kills

  •     Most Karma gained

  •     Most Unique Achievements accomplished

  •     Most Personal Achievements accomplished

  •     Ruler with most land

  •     Village with most HOTA wins (Mayor receives prize to share)

What's more? New music has been composed by Producer Tom e. Morrison!

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Have you ever wanted to make bridges to cross rivers and lakes? Now you can!

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You will be allowed to attack others with whole new trebuchet!

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New tapestry can decorate your home.

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For the last pieces of information the planting was improved and all the combat sounds have been updated.

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