Worms Rumble Crossplay Beta Will Be Available Before Launch in December

Team17 is getting ready to release their upcoming game on the Worms franchise: Worms Rumble, and will be available to players in Beta. This time around things are a bit different, though. Say goodbye to the turn-based gameplay and get ready for a Battle Royale style game with the weapons and gear you love from previous entries.

Worms Rumble Crossplay Beta Will be Available Before Launch in December Cover

The upcoming Worms Rumble, set to be released in full this December for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, will also have a crossplay open beta beginning next month. 

This new entry on the well-known Worms franchise will support up to 32 players at once. Also, unlike its predecessors, this title will focus on real-time action and strategy. Previous Worms titles were turn-based, and as we can see on the released video, Worms Rumble is closer to a Battle Royale game this time around.

The Crossplay capability is also worth noting since that does expand on the player base. Even if Worms Rumble is not being released (at least initially) for Xbox, it’s nice to see crossplay becoming the norm. The beta will begin on the 6th of November, ahead of the complete release in December.

Worms Rumble will also have different game modes, such as Deathmatch and Squads. Pre-orders are available at Steam for US $14.99 or $21.99 for the Deluxe Edition.

Worms Rumble - Release Date and Open Beta Announcement | PS4

Long-time Worms players will be glad to know that the classic weapons and gear, such as the Holy Hand Grenade, Jet pack, and Grapple Gun made their way to this new entry as well. Players will also be able to customize their worm with a great variety of cosmetic items that can be unlocked by progressing through the ranks. Kevin Carthew, Creative Director of Team17, said:

Revealing the release timing of Worms Rumble is a very special moment for the development team, and we’re thrilled that it’s only a matter of weeks away. We’re very excited to see players take to the arenas, and it’s fantastic that through the PlayStation 4/PC crossplay open beta next month we can give you a taste of what’s to come in December. It’s even more special considering we’re celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series in days after the beta, with Team17’s own 30th anniversary coming up on the 7th of December

You can keep tabs on the development and announcements regarding Worms Rumble on Team17’s Facebook, Twitter, or joining their Discord.

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