Worlds Adrift – what is this game?

Worlds Adrift - what is this game? Beware, spider-man inside :-)

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First of all take a look at the following video presented by Bossa Studios December 19th 2015. The reason behind the First look trailer was to get reactions from players and if it will create an interest on the market and mainly if the game is viable for multiplayer because their former games were not. And every published video is still kind of a survey. Visit the official site where you can help with feedbacks and tell the developers what you think about the game, what should be done better, what is not so important and much more.

Worlds Adrift - First Look

The studio is popular for its Surgeon Simulator which was very successful also financially and I am Bread which is at least an interesting game if not rather crazy :-). But as we said earlier the games were not possible to create or remake for a multiplayer and the studio wants to fill the gap with the new title.

I Am Bread Trailer

Worlds Adrift looks very similar to SOE's Landmark. There is crafting, harvesting, moving in a cartoonish environment and using rope to get faster to your destination. In the first video there are many spider-men flying from rock to rock. Let's hope it's not an epidemic :-). And even the game is in its early alpha stage the possibility to craft a flying ship looks wonderful. 

It's clear right now that the atmosphere will be great because even now the graphics and music in the videos are perfect and the developers focus on these parts.

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From the presented clues the game is going to be another sandbox where you could start your own plot and harvest, craft, fight for your survival. But it's still a guess and the idea can change. However if the game got your interest then visit the Q&A site where the designer answers a lot of questions.

Worlds Adrift - A further look

Don't forget that it's still an alpha and only an invitation to be part of the game's beginning. Nothing more. As the studio said: No kickstarter campaign, no “coming 2016” stinger, just an invitation to an open conversation about an early video game idea.  

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