Work From Home Option Now Available For Square Enix Employees

With COVID-19 affecting almost all of the industries, Square Enix has started offering their employees a permanent work from home option. A welcome change to a pandemic stricken world that all of us are currently dealing with.

Work From Home Option Now Available For Square Enix Employees

With how the world is currently, we’re all cautious of who we interact with in an attempt to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus. This has, in turn, forced companies to adapt to the situation and experiment with different work from home structures. Square Enix, a very popular game company who also created titles such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Hitman, has started their experimentation around February when the pandemic hit the shores of Japan.

Here’s the official statement from Square Enix:

Providing customers with unforgettable entertainment requires creativity and productivity. Moreover, the nature of the work involved demands consistent, robust security. As such, the Work-from-home Program will combine “home-based” and “office-based” models.

The Company will designate each employee as either “home based” (working an average of at least three days per week from home) or “office based” (working an average of at least three days per week from the office). In general, all eligible employees will be designated as “home based.” Division heads will designate some positions or individual employees as “office based” as dictated by the nature of the work involved.

Status changes will be allowed on a monthly basis depending upon the intensity of an employee’s duties. The Company expects approximately 80% of employees to be home based in December, the first month of the program’s implementation.

Program name Work-from-home Program
Eligible companies
(other than the Company,
Square Enix Co., Ltd.)
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.
Luminous Productions Co., Ltd.
Start date December 1, 2020

Here is Square Enix’s full statement if you want to read more.

The reception was good with people liking the company’s decision. Just like above, it’s a very welcome change as this will give the developers a very flexible work time and great work and personal life balance.

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