Wolfenstein II Vault Unlocked – What To Expect

Those who already picked up Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus have likely been wondering one thing. What is that mysterious countdown timer on their main menu? You guessed it. It's DLC. Unlike our last outing in The New Order, Machine Games' vault has added a little something more for us this time around.


Freedom Chronicles

Freedom Chronicles is a rather clever move on Machine Games’ part and the star of the DLC show. The idea is that we follow the adventures of three fictional American heroes, taking the fight to the Nazis shortly after the claim the United States for themselves. A kind of anti-propaganda against the Germans. Two stories focus on open combat as we inhabit the boots of a grizzled American soldier and a football player that refuses subjugation under Nazi rule. The third focuses on stealth gameplay.


Those who preordered Wolfenstein II can play Episode Zero right now. This will ease players into how each of these characters handle as a kind of introduction episode. We can expect subtle gameplay modifiers, all of which become available to BJ in the main campaign. Yet, limiting them separately to each character brings a specific focus on gameplay styles that we can look forward to in future episodes.

Wolfenstein II Vault Unlocked - What To Expect - Reworked map area


Expect recycled map areas with an added twist. Episode Zero lasts around an hour, though there’s no telling how long we should expect each episode to be once they drop. 

Combat Simulation

This one is a little more classic Wolfenstein. With no timer, we can select specific sections of the game and do our best to rack up the highest score possible. Like the campaign, it’s damned difficult. Players will need to focus on mixing up hatchet kills, headshots and environment kills to take home the top tier medal for each area.

Wolfenstein II Vault Unlocked - What To Expect - Score attack


It’s a great addition for those who have completed the campaign and enjoyed specific areas. It also invites us to experiment with different styles of gameplay we may not have tried during our first playthrough of Wolfenstein II’s campaign. 

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