Witcher Netflix TV Series Moves Forward With 1st Script

The long awaited Witcher TV series from Netflix has finally shown some production progress. Recent info states that the 1st episode may be drafted already. Fans are clamoring to find out more about their beloved franchise and it's television debut.

Witcher Netflix TV Series Moves Forward With 1st Script
The Witcher game and book series is beloved by millions of fans across the world and the wait for the upcoming Netflix series may have just gotten shorter. Info has come to light that the pilot episode has been written and is waiting to be reviewed and edited before production. This info comes from the Twitter account of the showrunner and executive producer Lauren S. Hissrich. Hissrich added a photo to twitter on February 24th talking about the script.

The series wil be mostly focused upon the books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Fans will be happy to know that Netflix is working with him to stay as close as possible to the source material. Sapkowski is delighted to work with the streaming service to produce the show and give even more content to his fans. He works as the sole creative consultant on the show.

Hissrich is known for her success with the wildly popular Daredevil and Defenders live-action Netflix series as producer for those shows as well. There has been no conformation of a release date for the series or any member of the cast for the show. It has been confirmed that Geralt of Rivia will of course be involved in the show's plot.

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