Witcher III Continues its Cool with Vinyl Soundtrack

Just in time to play alongisde GWENT, The Witcher III is the next game to receive a vinyl soundtrack release! Together with Space Lab 9, CD PROJEKT RED will be releasing a vinyl edition of the Witcher III's soundtrack across 2-3 LPs.

Witcher III Continues its Cool with Vinyl Soundtrack
One of the best soundtracks of modern gaming, The Witcher III soundtrack will be getting a release on the coolest musical medium possible, vinyl – very fitting of how cool and classic the game is itself. The Witcher III developers CD PROJEKT RED have announced their partnership with SpaceLab9. SpaceLab9 has produced vinyl releases for the soundtracks of Far Cry: Primal, The Division, and Breaking Bad. 

The double LP will release with 35 tracks from the original game. CD PROJEKT RED announced the release saying it will be available June 2nd, 2017 from ThinkGeek for $29.99. Based on the description, ThinkGeek will have an exclusive version where the records are frosted grey. This implies that other online retailers will have the soundtrack available, though no word yet on where those avenues will be.

Though not (at least not currently) available through ThinkGeek, GamePressure reports that there will also be a collector's edition, which will have a third record that will play the soundtrack of Hearts of Stone, The Witcher III's first (and best) expansion. The collector's edition will be shipped in the very limited quantity of 500.

Vinyl video game soundtracks are growing in popularity, with indie titles like Hyper Light Drifter and AAA releases like Persona 5 getting releases.

Both the collector's, and standard, editions are likely to run out fast, so you better get to hunting them down as soon as possible. Just make sure you have your potions and oils ready.

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