Witch on the Holy Night Announced for English Release

Witch On The Holy Night, made by developer Type-Moon known for the Fate series, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with an English release this December. With this release is updated HD graphics and fully voiced lines. The game will be published by Aniplex.

Witch On The Holy Night Announced For English Release

Popular visual novel developer, Type-Moonhas announced that an upcoming remaster will release in multiple languages. Witch On The Holy Night is going to be released in December on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This remastered release will feature full HD graphics and fully voiced lines. Supported languages will be Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The remastering is a welcome upgrade from the original 2012 release.


Witch On The Holy Night focuses on two characters, Aoko and Soujuryo. Aoko is the student council president shrouded in magical mysteries. Soujuryo is a new transfer student that find himself drawn to a mysterious mansion which Aoko resides in. The story for Witch On The Holy Night is broken into two separate stories with Soujuryo and Aoko each having a time in the spotlight. The remastered release will feature voice talent from Haruka Tomatsu and Yūsuke Kobayashi.

Type-Moon is well known for developing the Fate series. The announcement that Witch On The Holy Night gives a lot of fans hope that the Fate series may see an official translation and release overseas. Witch On The Holy Night will also be published by Aniplex known for there superior quality control.

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Source: Official Announcement via YouTube


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