Wintermoor Tactics Club Comes To Consoles

We welcome Wintermoor Tactics Club as one of the newest indies to make it to home consoles. Trailers appeared on YouTube announcing the release for all the different console platforms. If you enjoy tactical RPGs or visual novels you're bound to enjoy this new indie coming from EVC games, and publisher Versus Evil. The principal Of Wintermoor Academy has issued all clubs to partake in a snowball tournament. The prize for winning is the right to continue functioning as a club.

Wintermoor Tactics Club Comes To Consoles

Wintermoor Tactics Club released earlier this year for PC, now the indie title now makes its way to home consoles. For all you Nintendo Switch owners, you will be happy to know it’s available to take on the go.  Like many indie games, a trailer was dropped on the day of the release on the different console maker’s YouTube channel. To celebrate, Wintermoor comes to consoles on sale for 20% off. Unfortunately for PlayStation owners, it’s only available to PS Plus subscribers. The sale lasts until the 17th of September.

Developed by EVC games, and published by Versus Evil publishers of the Banner Saga, and Pillars of Eternity. Wintermoor Tactics Club aims to be a tactics game accessible to newcomers, while still bringing plenty to the table for veteran tactic RPG players. Judging by the games website, it aims to be a fun, laid-back experience. All the while  Providing players with an interesting narrative to draw players deeper into the game.  

Play as Alicia, and her friends in the tactics club. Fight against other clubs in a school-sanctioned snowball fight, for the privilege to remain an active club. For some reason, the Principal of the school has threatened to disband the Tactics Club, and all other clubs unless they win. Defeat the other clubs and uncover the secrets of the war of the clubs. You can explore Wintermoor Acadamy and make new friends in the visual novel inspired game-play. You can make tabletop campaigns to help other students overcome problems. Befriending, and recruiting them into tactics club.  Fans of games like Final Fantasy Tactics or X-COM are sure to gain some enjoyment out of this new indie title. 

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