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Read my review for Wild Terra, a game in it's alpha stage focused around gathering, crafting, and building. Also be sure to check out my video review as well.

Open world gathering/crafting/building games are getting more prominent all the time due to their popularity. Wild Terra is one of those games looking to cash in on the huge popularity of them. Currently this game is in its alpha stages so the game can and mostly likely will change in a lot of ways before the final release, that being said, here is the game in its current state.

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GRAPHICS: Those things you look at | 8/10

At this stage in the development you can tell that they had a fairly large amount of focus on the graphics. Most textures have a good level of detail in them to create a very nice looking world with very little room for current improvement. I do not know the direction the game is going but I only hope that wherever it goes would add a little more to it with lighting and something with brighter textures to make the world feel a little bit more real. Although it’s graphics are good in their current state the world does feel a little static because the color scheme for everything is pretty well the same. Understandable given the fact that you are in a forest and the only thing you really have to gather and build with are trees and sticks, but a little more would be nice all the same.

SOUND: That stuff you hear | 3.5/10

Needs some work, outside of the music there really isn’t much to be said about it.  There are of course sound effects when doing various things but they are barely noticeable.  The world feels mostly empty and outside of the music it needs ambience to help you feel engaged in the world.  That being said though, the music is constant and I never really got tired of it throughout my time playing the game. The fact that the music was pleasant was really the only reason I did not rate the game lower.

GAMEPLAY: Your interaction covering both UI specific game mechanics | 5/10

This game, like most in their alpha stages has a lot of potential, and I can only hope that this will continue to grow and add more elements to it as time goes on. The crafting system is there but it’s difficult to navigate the crafting window and find what you are looking for. A search bar, or even better, a crafting tree to see how different crafting items are connected would go a very long way. Another great thing would be if they allowed you to maybe have a small clip board showing what you want to build that states what you have and then what you need to get it. Given the early stages of the game there is plenty of time to improve on that small complaint.

The not so small complaint however is the resource gathering. In short, it takes up too much of your time. Granted they do provide you with a generous inventory to haul around many of the things that you collect but they just take far longer than they out to. I was provided automatically with increased crafting/building/gathering speed and although the building and craft seemed just fine the time that gathering took was near painful after a while. Gathering is always going to be a monotonous task that needs to be completed in order get the materials you want you want. But gathering took far longer than what it should have even with my speed boost. Not only did it take a long time to gather the tons of wood that I needed and used but there was very little else in the world to keep me interested in what was going on around me.

AESTHETICS: The overall “feel” of the game | 7/10

It’s not the first time I have been mostly naked and in the woods fending off wolves and chopping down trees, but this time was much more pleasant. During my time playing I felt how static the world was, nothing changing or “breathing” as I like to express sometimes to show that the world around me is living. I chopped my trees, built my house, crafted my stuff, and that was it. The game didn’t have any bugs that I found and was enjoyable for what it was, but that enjoyment never seemed to grow and only dwindled overtime from the monotonous gathering and the lack of anything outside of the gathering and crafting elements. I never felt alone doing it because I found the many structures built by other people all over the map, although I never did see any other people playing the game. It is in an early alpha after all.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall impressions | 7/10

Wild Terra, although it has plenty of room for improvement already has a lot going on for it as well. The developers needs to stop focusing on crafting and gathering for now (minus some tweaks) and needs to start focusing more on adding content to the game outside of crafting and gathering. I understand that it’s the heart of the game but you also need a soul there to help out too. The gathering and crafting alone is not enough to keep this game interesting, some tweaks to the system and a little better UI would help this, but it will never hold up on its own with just those elements. Either this game will continue to be worked on and become a great joy to play as the developers seem to have the talent to do just that, or it will just got lost and forgotten again.

TOTAL: 6.1 / 10

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    The devs of this game is taking money from cash shops on private servers knowing full well they are closing them in a few days. Don’t support scum moves like this. They are doing a cash grab and we as players are losing out. So if you are buying this on black friday bewarned they stated they are closing private servers in their discord channel. But still taking money in the cash shop. I just lost 20$ in stuff I bought there. Paid 3 months for the private server got 2 weeks to play it.


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