Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan – free weekend and new trailer

Today, one month after its Early Access launch, MMO-ARPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan adds the 13th hero, called Heating Fist. To celebrate, publisher Insel Games currently runs a free weekend and has released a new trailer featuring Duke Nukem’s original voice actor John St.John. Until Sunday, 28th, players can experience the full content of Wild Buster for free on Steam.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan - free weekend and new trailer

With today's start of the free weekend of Wild Buster, players can dive into the gritty Sci-Fi action of the MMOARPG and test out the diverse heroes to choose their favourite. Insel Games adds a new hero called Heating Fist, which marks the start of a continuously growing roster of heroes this weekend as well. The Heating Fist is a high damage melee fighter which uses different stances to improve either her aggressive or defensive stats. She is utilizing mechanical rocket fists to increase the power of her punches and is recommended for experienced players to unlock her full potential.

Legendary John St. John, the talent behind Duke Nukem’s iconic voice, has collaborated with Insel Games for Wild Buster. In the new action-packed trailer, Duke, who alongside Serious Sam is one of the +13 playable heroes, describes in his typical sardonic tone the range of content players can look forward to when they play Wild Buster and doesn’t hold back when he expresses his opinion on Titan’s other heroes.

Exclusive Duke Nukem trailer:

For those wanting to have a look at the action from a backseat, various influencers like Rev from RizeUpGaming will be livestreaming the game during the free weekend on Twitch, inviting their communities to take part and hang out together on Titan.

The free weekend runs from January 26th until Sunday, 28th and offers the full content of Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan. In addition to that, Insel Games grants 33% discount on the Founder Edition of the game.

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